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Lektion 1
The German definite articles   The main articles: "der", "die" and "das"

Lektion 2
The German indefinite articles   The indefinite article "ein" and "eine"

Lektion 3
German alphabet   Listen to the German alphabet

Lektion 4
The German word: ist   Der Himmel ist blau. – The German word "ist"

Lektion 5
Personal pronouns 1   The personal pronouns: "ich", "du", "er", "sie", "es" 

Lektion 6
The word: sind   Fruit and Colors. – The German word "sind"

Lektion 7
The German plural article   The plural article "die"

Lektion 8
The numbers – counting in German   The numbers – Add and subtract numbers

Lektion 9
Personal pronouns 2   Personal pronouns: "wir", "ihr" and "sie"

Lektion 10
Personal pronouns 3   All personal pronouns and "lieben" and "hassen"

Lektion 11
The confusing word: sie/Sie   "sie" means "she" but also "they" and "you" 

Lektion 12
Pronoun instead of the noun   Use "er", sie" or "es" instead of the article and the noun

Lektion 13
The verb: haben   The verb "haben" = "to have" and more 

Lektion 14
First contact with accusative   The word "den" – First contact with the case: "accusative

Lektion 15
German words and phrases 1   Important words and phrases part 1

Lektion 16
The words: mögen – kein/keine   The verb "mögen" and "kein/keine"

Lektion 17
German opposites   Gegensätze (Opposites): "heiß/kalt" – "hot/cold" …

Lektion 18
How old are you?   How old are you? – And "mein/meine" and "dein/deine"

Lektion 19
Second contact with accusative   The word "einen" – Second contact with "accusative"

Lektion 20
You can or you cannot   Man "kann" oder man "kann nicht"

Lektion 21
German words and phrases 2   Important words and phrases part 2

Lektion 22
My, your, his and her in German   How to use the words: my, your, his and her in German

Lektion 23
Our, your and their in German   How to use the words: our, your and their in German

Lektion 24
Useful German Phrases   Useful German phrases – part 3

Lektion 25 
German Umlauts   The German umlauts: ä, ö, ü

Lektion 26 
Telling Time in German   Learn how to tell time

Lektion 27 
The Future Tense   The German future tense

Lektion 28 
German Phrases Part 4   German Phrases Part 4

Lektion 29 
German Adjectives   The German Adjectives

Learning Tip
Vocabulary learning tip   Labeling Objects (not just for elementary students)


By the way, my name is Lucas Kern (from Germany) and I help people to learn the German language. I received such positive feedback from around the world that I decided to carry on and create more lessons and funny audio short stories.

I wish you a lot of fun!
Lucas Kern


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By the way: German for beginners means Deutsch für Anfänger smiley

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