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Tip: Keep the browser tab open to quickly return to the stories and lessons without having to log in all the time.

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Would you prefer not to constantly search for the login link in my emails? Follow these simple steps to save an app icon on your phone for easy access.

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Click Here For Simple Steps to Add an App Icon


This useful tip can also be applied to other websites you wish to access easily on your mobile via an app icon (an app icon is not an app).

1. Mobile/Tablet: Log in via an App Icon
2. Computer/Laptop: Using a bookmark

I understand the inconvenience of searching through emails for the login link.

By following these steps, you’ll gain access in seconds.



Mobile/Tablet Users: Log in via an App Icon




This method works for any smartphone/tablet.

For more guidance, just search:
“How to add a website to the home screen on [your phone model].”


Below, I’ll demonstrate the process using an Apple device as an example.


Step 1

Open https://learn-german-easily.com/premium-login in your Safari browser, or any other website you wish to access via an app icon on your phone.



Step 2

Tap the browser’s share icon.





Step 3

Scroll down to find and select “Add to Home Screen
(appearance may vary by iOS version).





Step 4

Tap “Add“, usually located in the top right corner.

An app icon will appear on your device, creating a shortcut to my website, giving you quick access to LGE Premium.

I recommend using a password manager to avoid manually entering your login details each time. For Apple users, iCloud Keychain is already pre-installed and ready to use.

Quick tip:

Start first by exploring LGE Premium on a computer or laptop.

It’ll help you get familiar with the layout, making it easier to navigate on your mobile later.



Computer/Laptop Users: Using a Bookmark


For easy PC/laptop login, just bookmark: https://learn-german-easily.com/premium-login in your browser.

Remember, most browsers come with bookmarks and built-in password managers that make getting to LGE Premium quick and simple.

Why not try them out?

And should you need any help, I’m just an email away. 😊



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