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Index Basic German Lessons

ABC – The German Alphabet

Listen to the German alphabet.

We have 26 letters and three umlauts (Ä,Ö,Ü). Some letters are pronounced very similar to the English pronunciation, but some others are a little different.

>>> German Alphabet ABC

German Numbers 1 to 5

In this lesson I will not only show you the numbers in German from 1 to 5, but also how to calculate (plus, minus etc).

>>> German Numbers

The German Verb: sein (to be)

In this lesson I cover the word: ist (is) which is a form of to be. We usually use it with singular nouns or with the personal pronouns er, sie, es.

You’ll also learn how to conjugate the word sein.

>>> The Word is in German

German Articles der, die, das

The German articles give many students a headache. When do we use der, die or das?

Follow the link and listen to the audio samples then you can practice using the question and answer technique.

Afterwards I explain to you how you can recognize the correct article based on the word endings. Finally, I created a quiz that you can use to test yourself.

>>> German Articles: der, die, das

The Plural Article die

It won’t be that complicated this time. The plural article always stays the same. Listen to the examples and then try to answer the questions.

>>> German Plural – Article: die

Indefinite Articles: ein, eine

In German we have two indefinite articles: ein and eine.
Follow the link and listen to the examples several times before trying to answer the questions.

>>> Indefinite Articles: ein, eine

Colors in German / Fruits in German

Learn the colors like rot, orange, blau, gelb, grün, braun, lila and some fruits in German. Here you can find examples with audios.

>>> Colors in German and Fruits

Personal Pronouns Part 1 and
Conjugation of the Word spielen

On this page I introduce you to the personal pronouns: ich, du, er, sie and es. You’ll also learn how to conjugate the word spielen (to play).

>>> I, you, he, she, it in German

Personal Pronouns Part 2 and
Conjugation of the Word schlafen

On this page I introduce you to the personal pronouns: wir, ihr and sie.

You’ll also learn how to conjugate the word: schlafen (to sleep).

>>>  We, you, they in German

Personal Pronouns Part 3 and
Conjugation of the Words: lieben and hassen

On this page I repeat all personal pronouns: ich, du, er, sie es, wir, ihr and sie.

Listen to the example sentences with the verbs: lieben and hassen and then try to answer the questions.

>>> I love you in German

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