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Created by Lucas Kern

Speak German fluently within 6 – 8 months the easy way

Normally it takes 2-3 years to learn a new language. 

But I can show you a special method that 90% of learners don’t know about, and it has helped more than 80% of my students speak German fluently in less than 8 months.

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Success rate after 6-8 months

Years in the business

Welcome to:

Learn German Easily 

Do you want to speak German fluently?

Hi, my name is Lucas Kern from Germany. I teach people German in an easy and natural way that makes them fluent in 6 to 8 months. 

German grammar makes me look like this - Learn-German-Easily.com

Before you ask – no, I’m not the good looking guy in the picture. 😅

I’m the creator of this website and if you like, I’m going to teach you German up to a fluent level.

  • Unlike other methods, my method helps your brain to store words permanently so you remember them each time you speak.
  • You learn naturally through a simulated conversation, something that podcasts and written documents don’t provide.
  • My special method is easy and interactive so that instead of learning German grammar rules, you will learn it naturally without breaking a sweat.

I enjoy learning German with Lucas, he makes it fun and easy to start, nothing complicated, just everyday talk that you would normally use and very little grammar, hooray.

~ Steve Rooke

But how does it work? And is it really any different?

The best way to know is to take my email course.

The course is free and I will take you through a special program called the 7-Rule-Challenge.

This will introduce you to my method and you will feel the impact without spending a dime. You will see that by the end of the challenge you will have learned more in 7 days than you would in a month of using other methods.

And you will also get to download an entire lesson set for free once you complete the challenge!

But this is not an ordinary challenge…

You will need to collect codes which I will guide you on how to find them, and this will make your learning a fun-filled learning adventure. 

Who wants to learn with no fun?

I bought Lucas’ program a few months ago and cannot recommend it enough! I have already learned more in the few months using his lessons than years of doing it on my own. Thanks so much!

~ Hayden Calway

Happy Subscribers


Success rate after 6-8 months

Years in the business
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