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Tip: Review daily to reinforce learning – without reviewing the next day, you’ll forget 80%!

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Learn German Easily 

Do you want to learn German, free, fast and with fun?

I bet you do, and yes, you’ve come to the right place.

You will not only learn German, but you will also learn it fast and in a code-collecting fun-filled adventure.

Firstly, one of the hurdles in learning German is understanding the grammar.

German grammar makes me look like this

*Before you ask – no, I’m not the good looking guy in the picture.

My name is Lucas Kern, a German teacher with 14 years of experience, and my goal is simple – I want to make you the best German speaker you can be!

For most, achieving fluency in German is a 3-6 year journey.

Yet, there’s a more efficient path.

With my innovative learning method, a staggering 87% of my students not only master the language but do so in much less time.

Experience the transformation and see the results for yourself:

Take the 7-Rule Challenge

It is up to you.

You can also choose the hard way.

This is someone trying to learn German by reading and memorizing grammar rules by heart.

It’s like running a 100km ultra marathon through mud.

Learning German is like running a marathon through mud

You can only become fluent if you start thinking in the German language, and in my course, I will show you exactly how to do that and how to learn German fast.

The German language learning experience is fascinating and fun with my method.

Secondly, learning a language is not just about knowing the words.

It’s about understanding the language’s soundscape, intonation and melody, which is the rhythm in which the words are pronounced.

It’s also about putting the right weight and emphasis on certain syllables, which is the art of speaking like a native.

Unfortunately, many German courses don’t teach that. Instead, they claim to be able to teach you how to learn the German language in 30 days, which is not possible.

I will however guide you into pronouncing words so well that when people want to learn German they will come to you for guidance.

And I’ll teach you how to learn German on your own so that you don’t need an expensive language course or private teacher.

You get fluent that fast because you study German using funny audio stories and a very special technique, and you only need about 10-20 minutes a day.

Learning German with classmates

In short, you will be very popular when it comes to the German language.

Simply put, Lucas offers the best course for German learners. He had told me it would take about 8 months, but after 6 months I was speaking with so much ease. I couldn’t believe it.

~ Ian McCaughey

What else do you get?

Firstly, you receive a uniquely designed method to learn German fast.

This means that you will be up and speaking while the learners that you started out with are still trying to figure out grammar or the cases.

I know this because 87% of my students become fluent in 6-8 months.

Secondly, you also get a method that helps your brain to store words permanently so that you remember them each time you speak…

…because knowing a language but not being able to speak it fluently can feel like this:

Learning German makes me sad

Thirdly, my special method is easy and interactive so that instead of learning grammar rules, you will learn grammar naturally.

For example, you won’t need to memorize the correct German article for every noun. Over time, you’ll naturally use the right one.

How then will you learn to speak like a native?

With my method, you learn naturally through a simulated conversation, so that you speak and then receive corrective feedback from my audios. 

My learning materials not only contain lessons for beginners, in which you learn, for example, how to pronounce the German umlauts correctly, but also lessons for advanced learners.

I enjoy learning German with Lucas, he makes it fun and easy to start, nothing complicated, just everyday talk that you would normally use and very little grammar, hooray.

~ Steve Rooke

How else is it different from other online German courses?

There is another aspect to my course, but for you to know what it is you need to take my German email course. If you want to make learning the German language much easier, try it.

It is free and I will take you through a special program called the 7-Rule-Challenge.

This will introduce you to my method and you won’t have to spend anything to experience learning with a difference.

You will see that by the end of the challenge you will have learned more in 7 days than you would in a month of using other methods.

But this is not an ordinary challenge…

You will need to collect codes which I will guide you on how to find them, and this is what makes your learning a fun-filled adventure. 

Who says learning can’t be fun?

I used Lucas’ program a few months ago and cannot recommend it enough! I have already learned more in the few months using his lessons than years of doing it on my own. Thanks so much!

~ Hayden Calway

Note: my free course primarily focuses on speaking.

This is because you may know all the rules and cases, but what benefit is it if you get stuck when you start speaking?

And I won’t just teach you to speak. I will teach you in an easy and natural way that you can integrate in your daily routine without carving out extra time.

Which means you just need 10 minutes a day to practice.

So, if you are interested in more lessons about casual German speaking and regular everyday speaking, then check it out.

As we conclude, I have explained theoretically why my free German language course is the best way to learn German.

Click below, and I’ll demonstrate why my method is the best.


  • You have a chance to start speaking in 6 – 8 months (87% of my students have done it)
  • You will learn in an easy and natural way that will teach you the word melody, emphasis and tone so you can speak like a native
  • There are no tests and you will never have to memorize any rules by heart. (this is difficult and it never works)
  • You just need 10 minutes a day to start speaking fluently in about 8 months
  • You can give my full German language course a test-drive by signing up for my free email course, and you will start learning immediately.
  • It’s just the best way to learn German

If you are not looking for learning material for beginners, but for advanced learners, then visit my Website Leicht-Deutsch-Lernen.

Do you want to master German? Click the link and start with Lesson 1

Lesson 1
🔗 German Articles (Secret Decoded)

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Lesson 10
Numbers in German up to 999.999

Lesson 20
German Umlauts Ä Ö Ü

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