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The best way to learn German (worked for 16000 students)

Best way to learn German online

What’s the best way to learn German?

In this article I’ll show you.

I’m going to explain the difference between learning German at home and learning it in school, the options you have when you decide to learn at home, why some of those methods are better than others and then which method carries the day and why.

I’m also going to give you the insider secret that most course creators will not tell you about learning German.

This will enable you to know the difference between someone saying that 1 of his students has learned a language in 2 months and me telling you that 16000 of my students have learned German and become fluent in 6 – 8 months.

I’m saying this because that one person must be exceptional and chances are that you won’t learn that fast. But if 16000 can do it, chances are that you too will.

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Is there really a best way to learn German?

The best way to learn German is a funny term.

No, it’s actually vague.

It’s like saying a certain mobile phone is the best smartphone on the market.

If that mobile has great pricing, then another mobile will be priced even lower, but may not as elegant. If that mobile has an amazing camera, there’ll be a mobile with a camera that is not as good, but probably has a much better and faster processor.

I mean, you know about phones, right?

For something to be called the best, there has to be enough evidence to support it under specific parameters, and the key here is not to address everyone’s needs – that is not naturally possible.

The key is to be so good to its target customers that anything else targeting that specific customer will fall beneath it.

And this works because similar customers are looking for similar things in a product or service.

With this understanding, someone looking for the best way to learn German is not the same as one looking for how to learn German without classes, because they will be looking at different parameters when making the choice.

With that in mind let me now tell you which is the best method to learn German and what parameters I used to arrive at that.

TPRS is not only the best but an easy way to learn German


I know you’ve heard me talk about the TPRS many times already, but have you ever thought about it in the context of the smartphone that I gave in the example earlier?

You see, TPRS is a method specifically designed for someone looking for the best way to learn German quickly.

And someone who wants to learn quickly doesn’t have time to learn about things like definite and indefinite articles in German  or even difficult grammar topics like how to conjugate sein and haben.

They want to understand and start speaking German from the get-go, which is what the TPRS method does.

And that leaves out a lot of people:

  • People who want to learn German in school
  • People who want to learn German through movies
  • Those who want to learn German through mobile apps

What does this mean?

Why TPRS is better than learning German in school and through movies / apps

Remember when I told you that I’ll tell you something that course creators don’t?

Now is the time.

Course creators will tell you that certain methods are better because they expose you to real-life German spoken by German natives.

They will tell you that certain methods are better because they know people who have used them and learned German in 3 – 4 months.

But what they won’t tell you is that the best way to learn German fast is one that enables you to think in German.

You certainly won’t learn fast if you’ll have to spend days learning the German case-accusative or the modal verb ‘können’.

If you have to learn these as independent topics then it means that you will have to remember them each time you speak, otherwise you won’t be able to speak properly.

Look at it this way:

  • Even though most methods will teach you German, you will still have to create some sentences in your head first before you speak them.
  • When you listen to German podcasts or watch German movies, you may understand some words but you don’t have the chance to speak back.
  • Most of the time it’s not easy to reach the course creators of most apps and ask them questions in areas where you may get stuck and they also don’t give corrective feedback.

What this means therefore is that you may still learn German but you will take longer to master it using these methods.

But these methods have testimonials, right?

And they state how someone used a certain method to learn German and achieved an incredible level of success in a very short time.

Now I’m not against testimonials.

I mean they are the only way to show that a method works, and besides, I also use them, so how could I be against them?

The question here is that of numbers.

The mathematical, practical and time-tested proof that TPRS is the best method to learn German

Best method to learn German

Now that we’re talking about math, how far can you count in German? Here’s a guide if you need a quick fix.

Okay, back to the math of the TPRS…

87% of students who have used the TPRS method have become fluent 6X faster than their counterparts using other methods.

I’ve been passionate about teaching German for over 14 years, and in that time I’ve had the honour of teaching German to more than 20000 people, and 87% of that is a huge number.

How many other methods can boast of such numbers?

And it’s not just international students outside Germany.

I also used to teach young students and they really struggled with the German grammar before I discovered the TPRS method.

And this was primarily because they had to learn things like the difference between gern and gerne or the difference between dann and denn as independent topics.

However, after I started using the TPRS method they could speak conversational German with confidence in just 2 weeks!

Wanna try the TPRS too? Click here

So if you want a method to learn German fast, the TPRS method has the numbers to prove itself.

And it’s also the best way to learn German online if you want something that is free, fun and quick, because you only need 10 minutes to practice.

What if the TPRS method doesn’t work?

Best way to learn German quickly

Now one problem with the TPRS method is that it’s so easy that you may just gloss over it.

The sentences are short and the examples are funny. In fact, you can see just that in this TPRS vocabulary lesson.

The other thing that will make the TPRS easy to overlook is that there are no exams and no emails to remind you to practice.

This simplified approach is what may just derail you and prevent you from reaching fluency in 6 – 8 months.

And if you don’t practice daily, you will soon start looking for another method because it looks like the TPRS didn’t work.

Now I can help you in areas of study where you get stuck.

I can show you the best way to learn German at home and succeed as if you went to school to learn it.

But I cannot teach you how to be disciplined.

The reason why the nutrition industry is a multi-billion industry is not because of the 5% who follow through their programs.

It’s because of the 95% who don’t, only to buy other programs that they also won’t follow.

In any form of personal development, discipline is key. You just need to have a bit of patience, find an activity that you can use daily to practice and in 6 – 8 months you will see why over 80% of my students are so happy with the TPRS.

Some of them realized the benefits of learning German and have since learned German and moved to Germany.

Some learned German and got a job in a German company to take advantage of the salaries in Germany which are more attractive than in most countries.

And some have gotten scholarships in German universities or taken advantage of the free German university programs, all because of the TPRS method.

You too can be one of them, and you can sign up for my free email course to see how effective the TPRS really is.

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