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Explore the Heart of Germany and Its Language

Hello! I’m Lucas Kern, hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Germany.

For more than a decade, I’ve dedicated myself to transforming the journey of learning German for students around the globe into an adventure filled with joy and excitement.

Dive into my blog, where I unravel the intricacies of the German language and share the essence of Germany’s rich culture and traditions.

German work permit

German Work Permit: What You Need to Know and Do in Advance!

Explore an in-depth look at the German work permit with essential advice to significantly improve your chances of getting approved.

Castles in Germany

15 Palaces and Castles in Germany from Neuschwanstein (Cinderella’s) to Frankenstein’s Castle

Every castle has a story. When it comes to the castles in Germany, Neuschwanstein is by far the most famous, since it is believed to have inspired Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland. But that’s just the beginning.

How to order a beer in German

3 ways beginners can order beer in German just like natives

If you want to order a beer in German, do not say, ‘Ein Bier, bitte.’

This is what beginners say. Here are 3 ways to say it instead.

Longest German Word

Over 100 Letters? Meet the Longest German Word!

Ever heard a word with 100+ letters?

The longest German word takes the crown, found even in the German dictionary, and it’s a spectacle of linguistics.

German curse and swear words

German Curse Words & Swearing: Slightly Naughty but Amusing

Discover vivid German curse words for a complete emotional spectrum, from intense swearing to playful insults in German.

Start speaking more authentically!

Traditions in Germany

Beyond Beer and Pretzels: Germany’s Traditions Revealed!

From tree-hung treasures to Oktoberfest’s lively tents, discover the unique traditions making Germany’s cultural fabric so vibrant.

Thinking in German

Want to think in German? Here’s the fastest way to do it

For you to think in German you need to learn it like a native.

Here’s the fastest way…

Relearn German

Relearn German in these 2 ways and regain your confidence

Here’s how to relearn German and become fluent in 3 – 6 months using either the TPRS method or LingQ.

No books, journals or grammar lessons.

Long German word - Fussbodenschleifmaschinenverleih

10 long German words you can’t pronounce!

Super long German words are like soup. Some words make sense. Some don’t.

Like why would there be a word for a face that needs to be punched? Yeah, I’m not kidding – German has a word for that kind of a face – check it out.

German Abbreviations

German abbreviations and their meanings

From casual to formal!

Here is a large collection of German abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms that you need to know to improve your understanding of German.

Spider - Is German hard to learn – the beauty of the German language

Legal Drinking Age in Germany: A Cultural Insight

Find out what sets Germany’s legal drinking age apart, intertwined with the nation’s cultural norms and societal expectations.

This article provides a peek into how these regulations reflect a broader understanding of responsibility and freedom

Spider - Is German hard to learn – the beauty of the German language

Is German hard to learn?

Would you buy this if it was a stuffed animal?

Why beginners fail and what to do instead! Is German hard to learn or isn’t it? Maybe you have a misconception or are not sure. Read this article and find out.

Seasons in German

Seasons in German + Pronunciation and Poem

In this article I will tell you what these seasons are called in German so that you get more interconnected with others who speak a different language and expand your knowledge base at the same time.

Best way to learn German online

The best way to learn German according to 16000 students

16000 students claim this is the best method to learn German. If it has worked for so many, it’ll work for you too. Check it out now.

German dog command

The 10 German dog commands to take your dog to another level

German dog commands are short, sweet and easy to teach your dog. Find the top 10 here and see how quickly your dog can learn them.

Language Shadowing Woman

How to use language shadowing

Learning a new language is hard.

Language shadowing makes it easier. Here’s all you need to know about shadowing combined with the TPRS method.

Thanks a lot in German

15 ways to say thank you in German

Germans are in general very courteous and do expect a similar turn of courtesy from you.

I will therefore not only help you with knowing how to say thank you in German, but I will also teach you how to respond to that and make the other person smile.

International Student

Learning German as an international student

Learning German as an international student will be a great addition to your professional, but also personal, life. 

It will boosts your thinking skills, but it is also said to boost your memory and increase your concentration.

Zodiac Signs in German

German zodiac signs (star signs)

Everyone is interested in knowing themselves better. So we often ask ourselves, “Who am I”?

Let’s find out how the stars judge your character (according to the German interpretation).

how do you say goodbye in German

How to say goodbye in German the uncommon way

Most people don’t know how to say goodbye in German.

So, let me show you many ways to do it. Some are common and others are not so common.

German is a language of science

10 reasons why learning German could change your life

The lives of James, Charity and Roberto changed by learning German. Here are 10 ways that your life could change too. Reasons to learn German


Break the rules - Learn German Easily

Want to be fluent in German? Then try breaking the rule

People take long to be fluent in German because they follow the rules. Try breaking the rules! I’ll show you how.



How to learn German in less than 1 year [and why it works]

Do you want to learn German easily? Then here is a proven method that will help you learn German in less than a year.

But before we proceed, I would like to say that this is no magic bullet.

Good morning in German

Good morning in German ☀ | 45 ways to greet someone in German

Chris wants to say good morning in German to Julia. He walks up to her but doesn’t want to say the usual, because he wants to impress her.

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