Zodiac Signs in German

Star Signs = Sternzeichen

die Sternzeichen - Zodiac Signs in German

Star (zodiac) signs – German/English

Everyone is interested in knowing themselves better.

So we often ask ourselves, “Who am I?”

And whenever that question arises, we seek to answer it from all possible approaches.

When one of the approaches happens to be zodiac signs, German has its own equivalents, which I will walk you through and provide a little explanation on each.

Maybe then you will understand yourself a little better.


Quick links to your zodiac sign

  1. Capricorn – Steinbock (goat) | 22nd December – 19th January
  2. Aquarius – Wassermann (water bearer) | 20th January – 18th February
  3. Pisces – Fische (fish) | 19th February – 20th March
  4. Aries – Widder (ram) | 21st March – 19th April
  5. Taurus – Stier (bull) | 20th April – 20th May
  6. Gemini – Zwillinge (twins) | 21st May – 20th June
  7. Cancer – Krebs (crab) | 21st June – 22nd July
  8. Leo – Löwe (lion) | 23rd July – 22rd August
  9. Virgo – Jungfrau (virgin) | 23rd August – 22nd September
  10. Libra – Waage (scales) | 23rd September – 22nd October
  11. Scorpio – Skorpion (scorpion) | 23rd October – 21st November
  12. Sagittarius – Schütze (archer) | 22nd November – 21st December

>>> Some German zodiac (star sign) vocabulary

*The dates are mean values, due to the leap years, the dates can differ by one day.

Did you know…

Most star signs are based on animals, and the direct translation of the zodiac in German is der Tierkreis and the zodiac sign is das Tierkreiszeichen, which means animal circle sign.

But broadly defined, the term becomes das Sternzeichen.

Take a look at the clock below:

zodiac star signs clock

The above image is a representation of an astronomical clock.

We are going to use it in our study, starting at 12 o’clock and moving in an anti-clockwise direction, so that we follow the universal celestial order, like people who know themselves.

And the first one is…

Capricorn – Steinbock (goat)

22nd December – 19th January

Steinbock - German zodiac star sign

The planetary body for the German zodiac Steinbock is Saturn.

People of this star sign are determined and ambitious, but can also be stubborn.

They often have good manners and like to hold traditions.

As a man:

He is strong and practical, and likes to influence others.
He easily climbs up the social ladder, but may come off as cold and prudent.

As a woman:

She does not marry thoughtlessly and respects people of status.
She likes to go after important men and looks for reliability.

Here are some famous people with the Steinbock German zodiac sign:

Benjamin Franklin
Elvis Presley
Jack London
Michael Schumacher
Deepika Padukone

Aquarius – Wassermann
(water bearer)

20th January – 18th February

Wassermann - German zodiac star sign

The Germanic zodiac Wasserman is represented by the planet Uranus.

This is the star sign for genius. People with this sign are intelligent, curious and with deep insight. They are able to comprehend complex ideas and have a non-traditional view of things. They often hit the pinnacles of success but are also temperamental and intolerant.

As a woman:

She loves freedom and hardly loves, but when she loves she remains true to her partner.
She has a striking appearance, graceful, intelligent and adapts to changes quickly.

As a man:

He accepts everyone as his friend and believes everyone is interesting.
He can be a true friend and advisor, but seldom discloses his true feelings.

Notable people under this star sign include:

Galileo Galilei
Ronald Reagan
Christian Dior

Pisces – Fische (fish)

19th February – 20th March

Fische - German zodiac star sign

Among the most artistic and creative of all are people of the Pisces zodiac sign (Fische). They possess good memory and have a strong feeling of pity and to help those in need.

They do not aspire to power or authority, have few ambitions and are not attracted to wealth.

As a woman:

She is extremely attractive and charming.
Men are attracted to her and she is selfless to her husband and family.

As a man:

He is a faithful husband and romantic partner and he is exceedingly patient.
He likes to pursue idealistic concepts and so may find fulfilment in being a writer or painter.

Some famous people of the ‘Fische’ German zodiac:

George Washington
Steve Jobs
Justin Bieber
Bruce Willis

This group is represented by the planet Uranus.

Aries – Widder (ram)

21st March – 19th April

Widder - German zodiac star sign

People of the Aries star sign (Widder) love to work. This is their most prominent feature.

They are also physically strong and are frank and honest in their opinions.

They are realistic and fearless, but get angry very fast.

As a man:

He likes to dominate. 
He is egoistic and fails to acknowledge when he is wrong.
He is however very successful in what he does due to his love for work. 

As a woman:

She likes to lead and is often very strong.
She is a great caretaker for her children but hates house chores.

Among notable people of der Widder German zodiac are:

Leonardo da Vinci
Quentin Tarantino
Lady Gaga
Charlie Chaplin
Larry Page

They are represented by Mars.

Taurus – Stier (bull)

20th April – 20th May

Stier - German zodiac star sign

The planetary body for the Stier Germanic zodiac is Venus.

As a result, the people in this group greatly appreciate beauty, music, nature and art.

These are the quiet people whose actions are measured and silent, and they are known to have extreme self-control.

They are often rich and love possessions, but are very stubborn and like things to stay as they are.

As a man:

He is quiet, disciplined, and loves reading.
He also works hard, has his day planned and is a model for wealth and perfection. 

As a woman:

She is very hospitable, reserved and honest.
She has much emotional control and is extremely reliable.

Some of the people in the Stier German zodiac are:

Mark Zuckerberg
Harry S. Truman
David Beckham
Sigmund Freud

Gemini – Zwillinge (twins)

21st May – 22nd June

Zwillinge - German zodiac star sign

The planet for this star sign is Mercury.

Most of the time, people of the German zodiac Zwillinge are more intelligent than others. They think fast and have a lot of energy, and so are impatient and change jobs quickly. They are idealists and have no limits to their imagination.

As a woman:

She is cheerful but unpredictable, as her mind is always wandering.
She is clever and intelligent, but not exactly successful at motherhood.

As a man:

He has numerous ways of showing love and affection.
His ideas are unique and his ambition is relentless.
He is a good father but often spoils his children.

Famous people with this star sign include:

Donald Trump
Naomi Campbell
Che Guevara
Edward Snowden
J.F Kennedy

Cancer – Krebs (crab)

21st June – 22nd July

Krebs - German zodiac star sign

The celestial body for this zodiac sign (Krebs) is the moon (der Mond).

As a result of changing moon phases, these people often change moods quickly and are susceptible to fears and loneliness. They are however very reasonable and practical, and like to save money and provide for their families.

They have rich imagination, and as a result can suffer from severe mental strain.

As a man:

He likes to remain a child, likes attention and has extravagant desires.
He is also a family man and doesn’t marry thoughtlessly.

As a woman:

She is a great cook and capable of great sacrifice.
She is modest and patient, and motherhood is very important for her.

Famous people with the Krebs German zodiac include:

Nikola Tesla
Elon Musk
George W Bush
Nelson Mandela
Pierre Cardin

Leo – Löwe (lion)

23rd July – 22rd August

Loewe- German zodiac star sign

The celestial body that bears this horoscope is the sun (Der Sonne).

Since planets revolve around the sun, people with this star sign (Löwe) are often leaders. They have original ideas that others follow, have love for others and equally desire to be loved.

They however have a soft spot for extravagance and luxury and are often gamblers.

As a man, he is the ‘ladies’ man’ and likes to be idolized.
As a woman, she is full of beauty and often adored by men.

Celebrities with the Löwe German zodiac sign include:

Michel Kors
Usain Bolt
Coco Chanel
Barack Obama
Fidel Castro
Bill Clinton
Napoleon Bonaparte

Virgo – Jungfrau (virgin)

23rd August – 22nd September

Jungfrau - German zodiac star sign

The German zodiac Jungfrau is represented by the planet Mercury.

People of this star sign are humble, kind and shy, and they have the most affection for animals, but they hate laziness and impracticality.

They are punctual, attentive and obliging, and hate crowded places, noise and dirt.

They are the most passionate lovers, but since it’s hard for them to love, many often go unmarried. 

As a man:

He is practical and hates illusions.
He is very hardworking, disciplined and committed to family. 

As a woman:

She is able to be romantic and realistic at the same time.
She is also gentle, pure and loves discipline and perfection.

Famous people in this star sign are:

Jack Ma
Michael Jackson
Warren Buffet
Michael faraday
Shinzo Abe

Libra – Waage (scales)

23rd September – 22nd October

Waage - German zodiac star sign

The German zodiac Waage is also represented by Venus

Typically, people here have a heightened balance, handling emotion and logic harmoniously.

They readily provide financial support to their friends and families and are active and responsible, but can also be unreliable.

They are never hasty in decision making and like books, poetry, music and art.

As a man:

He readily spends money on fine things and looks for balance in life.
He is very charming and attractive to women and provides a lot of support for family. 

As a woman:

She makes decisions that are carefully planned and evaluated.
She thinks using a man’s logic and can be a successful leader.

Notable people include:

Theresa May
Serena Williams
Vladimir Putin
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Benjamin Netanyahu

Scorpio – Skorpion (scorpion)

23rd October – 21st November

Skorpion - German zodiac star sign

Represented by Mars, people of the Skorpion (scorpio star sign) are passionate about everything.

They love wealth and materialistic living, and are able to conceal their nature under good manners and charming looks.

They are extremely clever, but are egoistic and selfish, and like to get much from doing little.

As a woman:

She knows what she wants and has the courage to get it.
She teaches her children to be courageous and can be very unforgiving.
She is able to charm men easily and likes to justify herself when she is wrong.

As a man:

He is irresistible and attractive, and he is equally emotional and intelligent.
He likes luxury and power and is indifferent to what others think but can also be very cruel.

Some of the people of the Skorpion german zodiac are:

Bill Gates
Tim Cook
Hillary Clinton
Calvin Klein
Demi Moore

Sagittarius – Schütze (archer)

22nd November – 21st December

Schuetze - German zodiac star sign

Jupiter represents the Schütze Germanic zodiac.

One of the defining attributes of these people is their love for physical activity, speed and high adrenaline sports.

They are normally luckier than most, squander money a lot and do not like responsibility.

They are kind and do not hold malicious intent, and are very warm and friendly.

As a man:

He is an optimist, moves with swiftness and is loved by the crowd.
He is curious, fast to act and likes easy relationships without the pressure of marriage. 

As a woman:

She doesn’t like lying and is always straight forward.
She is independent, optimistic and loves to travel.

Examples include:

Bruce Lee
Brad Pitt
Gianni Versace
Christina Aguilera
Walt Disney

Additional information to help you with the zodiac signs in German

Now that you know the zodiac signs in German, here are some translations for words related to the Germanic zodiac:

Star(s) => der Stern / die Sterne

Zodiac => der Tierkreis

Zodiac sign => das Sternzeichen / das Tierkreiszeichen

Constellation(s) => die Konstellation / die Konstellationen

Horoscope(s) => das Horoskop / die Horoskope

What’s your zodiac sign? => Was ist dein Sternzeichen?

Capricorn => Steinbock
Aquarius => Wassermann
Pisces => Fische
Aries => Widder
Taurus => Stier
Gemini => Zwillinge
Cancer => Krebs
Leo => Löwe
Virgo => Jungfrau
Libra => Waage
Scorpio => Skorpion
Sagittarius => Schütze

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