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How I, she, you, it and he in German are used

Personal Pronouns: Part 1

Personal Pronouns - ich du er sie es - Learn German Easily

On this page you can practice with: ich, du, er, sie and es. If you want to practice with the personal pronouns: wir, ihr, sie (we, you, they) then follow the links at the end of this lesson.

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Personal Pronouns I you he she it in German

Today I want to cover some personal pronouns (ich, du, er, sie, es) and the corresponding endings of the verbs.

You will also learn how to ask a question in German.

Did you know that German verbs (in the basic form) have mostly an “en” at the end? For example: to eat, to drink, to come, to read… => in German: essen, trinken, kommen, lesen

The endings change according to the personal pronouns. Let’s look at the word spielen and the personal pronouns ich, du, er, sie, es.

I you he she it in German Exercise A

How to learn with part A of the exercise

  1. Have a look at the picture.
  2. Read and then listen a few times.
  3. Repeat right after the speaker.
  4. Make sure, you imitate the pronunciation of the speaker.
  5. After a few repetitions go on to part B.


Personal Pronoun


ich, du, er, sie und es

Ich spiele
I play / I’m playing

Du spielst
You play / You are playing

Er spielt
He plays / He is playing

Sie spielt
She plays / She is playing

Es spielt
It plays / It is playing

I you he she it in German Exercise B

Part B of the exercise

Question and Answer Part:

  1. Read and listen a few times to the questions/answers.
  2. Answer in the pauses (you may look also at the answers).
  3. After a few times don’t look at the answers anymore.
  4. Make sure that you imitate the pronunciation of my voice.
  5. Repeat this lesson until you can answer the questions.

Tip: If you want to formulate a question, you change the word order and you raise your voice at the end of the question!


Question and Answer Part

Imagine, the narrator asks and answers the questions himself.

Spiele ich?

Ja, ich spiele.

Spielst du?
Ja, du spielst.

Spielt er?
Ja, er spielt.

Spielt sie?
Ja, sie spielt.

Und spielt es auch (too)?
Ja, es spielt auch.

Don't stop now - repeat this part again!

Repeat this lesson until you can easily answer the questions.

Colors and Fruits in German

In the next lesson, you can learn the colors in German like rot, orange, blau, gelb, grün, braun, lila and also some fruits in German. I have many audio samples.

>>> Colors and Fruits in German

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