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Colors in German and Fruits in German

Today you will not only learn the colors, but also some fruits in German with simple example sentences. Listen to the most common colors in German and check the English translation.

Colors in German - Fruit Basket 2 - Learn German Easily

How to learn with part A of the exercise

  1. Have a look at the picture.
  2. Read and listen a few times.
  3. Repeat after the speaker.
  4. Make sure that you imitate the pronunciation of the speaker.
  5. After a few repetitions go on to part B (farther below).

Tip: Always try to imagine the situations in your mind; it will help you to remember the words!


Fruits and Colors in German

Obst und Farben!

Erdbeeren sind rot.
Strawberries are red.

Orangen sind orange.
Oranges are orange.

Blaubeeren sind blau.
Blueberries are blue.

Zitronen sind gelb.
Lemons are yellow.

Kokosnüsse sind braun.
Coconuts are brown.

Pflaumen sind lila.
Plums are purple.

Und Äpfel sind grün.
And apples are green.
(Nun, nicht immer)
(Well, not always)

Today we also want to cover the German word: sind.

Do you remember my lesson on the word ist?

We covered the word ist and we used it with singular nouns (for example: Eine Erdbeere ist rot). When we use plural nouns we usually use the word sind (are).

For example: Erdbeeren sind rot (because we have more than one Strawberry).

The verb sein (to be)

ich bin (I am)
du bist (you are)
er, sie, es ist (he, she, it is)

wir sind (we are)
ihr seid (you are)
sie sind (they are)

Erdbeeren sind rot.
Strawberries are red.

Sie sind rot.
They are red.

German Colors and Fruits Exercise B:

How to learn with part B of the exercise

Question and Answer Part:

  1. Read and listen a few times to the questions and answers.
  2. Answer the questions in the pauses (you may look also at the answers).
  3. After a few times don’t look at the answers anymore.
  4. Make sure that you imitate the pronunciation of my voice.
  5. Repeat the lesson until you can answer the questions easily.
Colors in German - Fruit Basket 2 - Learn German Easily


Question and Answer Part

Sentence (see part 1 above)
Erdbeeren sind rot.

Question (Frage):
Was sind Erdbeeren?

Short answer (kurze Antwort):

Long answer (lange Antwort):
Erdbeeren sind rot.

Was sind Orangen? 

Orangen sind orange.

Welche Farbe (what color) haben (have) Blaubeeren? 

Blaubeeren sind blau.
Blaubeeren haben die Farbe blau.

Sind Zitronen rot? 

Nein, Zitronen sind nicht rot.
Zitronen sind gelb.

Sind Kokosnüsse braun? 

Ja (yes), Kokosnüsse sind braun.

Pflaumen sind weiß (white) – richtig (right)

Nein, Pflaumen sind nicht weiß.
Pflaumen sind lila.

Sind Äpfel immer grün? 

Nein, Äpfel sind nicht immer grün.
Äpfel sind manchmal (sometimes) auch rot oder gelb.

Don't stop now - repeat this part again!

Repeat this lesson until you can easily answer the questions.

The Plural Article die

The next lesson is about the plural article die.

Don’t worry, it won’t be that complicated. The plural article stays the same. Listen to the examples and then try to answer the questions.

>>> Plural Article: die

Overview: German lessons for beginners

It will pay off in the end! 

I know that learning a second or third language can be very difficult at first but never give up! Even if it seems to be a very long way, it will pay off in the end.

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