Learn German Easily

Learn German Easily

German Numbers – Counting in German up to 999,999 🥇

Today you will learn the German numbers 1 up to 999,999.

No need to learn all numbers by heart ❌ There’s a system.

Counting in German is easy if you do it right!

German numbers | Counting in German to 999,999

German numbers | How to count in German (1 to 999,999)

You don’t need to learn all German numbers up to 999,999 by heart. If you see the pattern you are able to continue the series of numbers by yourself.

Usually we don’t write numbers in words. We write one to ten in words, then we write just figures 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 …

Please also note that in some cases the g at the end of a word sounds rather like a ch especially when the word ends with ig.

By the way, numbers in German means Zahlen and to count means zählen.

Period or comma in numbers?

I know that the use of the comma and the period in German numbers often leads to confusion. You just have to remember the following:

In German we use the comma as the decimal separator and the period as the thousands separator.

In Germany it is in contrast to e.g. England. In England you write it the other way around.

In Germany:
one thousand = 1.000

In England: 
one thousand = 1,000

Let’s listen to the numbers in German, starting with one

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      Lesson 30

Counting in German 1 to 10

1 = eins

2 = zwei

3 = drei

4 = vier

5 = fünf

6 = sechs

7 = sieben

8 = acht

9 = neun

10 = zehn

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      Lesson 30

The numbers from 11 to 20 can also be a little tricky.

11 = elf

12 = zwölf

13 = dreizehn

14 = vierzehn

15 = fünfzehn

16 = sechzehn

17 = siebzehn

18 = achtzehn

19 = neunzehn

20 = zwanzig

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      Lesson 30

Here you can clearly see the pattern in the numbers.

21 = einundzwanzig

22 = zweiundzwanzig

23 = dreiundzwanzig

24 = vierundzwanzig

25 = fünfundzwanzig

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      Lesson 30
30 = dreißig

31 = einunddreißig

32 = zweiunddreißig

33 = dreiunddreißig

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      Lesson 30
40 = vierzig

50 = fünfzig

60 = sechzig

70 = siebzig

80 = achtzig

90 = neunzig

100 = einhundert (hundert)

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      Lesson 30
101 = einhunderteins

102 = einhundertzwei

103 = einhundertdrei

110 = einhundertzehn

111 = einhundertelf

120 = einhundertzwanzig

121 = einhunderteinundzwanzig

130 = einhundertdreißig

131 = einhunderteinunddreißig

140 = einhundertvierzig

150 = einhundertfünfzig

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      Lesson 30
200 = zweihundert

201 = zweihunderteins

210 = zweihundertzehn

300 = dreihundert

400 = vierhundert

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      Lesson 30

1.000 = eintausend (tausend)

1.001 = eintausendeins

1.100 = eintausendeinhundert

2.000 = zweitausend

3.000 = dreitausend

10.000 = zehntausend

100.000 = einhunderttausend

999.999 🙂

= neunhundertneunundneunzigtausendneunhundertneunundneunzig

You can learn a lot more than just counting in German. My subscribers get step-by-step access to many more lessons.

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Don’t stop!

Es spielt keine Rolle, wie langsam du gehst, solange du nicht aufhörst.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

Keep it up – you can do it!
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