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German Punctuation Marks 
(with Audio)

German punctuation

Try this:  

  1. Have a look at the picture.
  2. Click the play button and listen a few times to the punctuation marks in German
  3. Repeat the punctuation marks after the speaker.
  4. Make sure that you imitate the pronunciation of the punctuation marks.


Punctuation Marks in German
Punctuation Characters


?    das Fragezeichen
question mark

    das Ausrufezeichen
exclamation mark

.     der Punkt
full stop

    der Doppelpunkt

,     das Komma

    das Semikolon

     der Gedankenstrich

/     der Schrägstrich
stroke or slash

( )   die Klammern
parentheses or (round) brackets

” “  die Anführungszeichen
double quotes

   die Fortführungszeichen
(die Fortführungspunkte)

Don't stop now - repeat this part again!

Repeat until you know all the punctuation marks in German.

Ich verliere nie!
Entweder ich gewinne oder ich lerne!

I never lose!
Either I win or I learn!

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