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Learn German Easily

Created by Lucas Kern

Learn German Easily

Created by Lucas Kern

Learn To Speak German Fluently

TPRS Audio Stories and Lessons (MP3/PDF)

Learn German Easily

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Audio Lessons (GER)
Text (GER/ENG)

Do you feel nervous when you try to speak German?

  • Do you make a lot of grammar mistakes when you speak?
  • Do you think that your pronunciation is bad?
  • Do you worry that others cannot understand you?
  • Do you feel frustrated because you cannot speak German fluently?

I know exactly how you feel because I have been working with students for many years and I can assure you it is not your fault!

In a lot of classes they are using old methods that are boring and not very effective. I wanted to end this and created a whole set of funny audio stories and audio lessons that will not only entertain you but also help you to speak German fluently.

The Question and Answer Technique that I use is the key in the learning process.

When you practice with my exercises (the question and answer parts) and answer out loud, it is like a simulated conversation and will help you to think in German. Being able to think in German is the key to fluency.

EUR 99.95 EUR 59.95

For a limited time only!

Package XL

Audio Stories and Lessons (MP3/PDF)
Download Version

The package contains all following TPRS lesson sets:

Volume 1-5 (Vocabulary Unit 1-56)
(with 392 funny example sentences in German and English)

Also included: 6 TPRS Story Lessons Sets

  • Ritter, Drache und Hexe
  • Jedes Böhnchen  gibt ein Tönchen
  • Paul – Das falsche Klo
  • Paul – Meine Freundin ist schwanger
  • Für die Rente gespart
  • Maja liebt das Autofahren


Load the mp3 and pdf files onto your mobile phone or iPod e.g. with Dropbox or iTunes.


Load the mp3 and pdf files onto your tablet e.g. with Dropbox or iTunes.



Print out the pdf files and read along while listening to my lessons and stories with your mobile phone or iPod.


Use your desktop PC or laptop to read the pdf files and listen to the mp3 files.

Do you want more?

This package will complete the Package XL. All audio lessons and audio stories have a question and answer part.

EUR 29.95

Upgrade Package

Audio Stories and Lessons (MP3/PDF)
Download Version

The package contains all following TPRS lesson sets:

Volume 6 (Vocabulary Unit 57-66)
Volume 7 (Vocabulary Unit 67-76)
(with 140 funny example sentences in German and English)

Also included: 3 TPRS Story Lessons Sets

  • Paul – Telefonstreich
  • Blond oder braunhaaring 1
  • Blond oder braunhaaring 2

The TPRS story „Blond oder braunhaaring“ will show you the difference between the present, past and future tense.


These Tales Will Help You to Enlarge Your Vocabulary!

All fairy tales are translated line by line into English which makes it easy to understand them.

EUR 29.95

Fairy Tale Package

Fairy Tales (MP3/PDF)
Download Version

It contains the following fairy tales:

  • Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood)
  • Die zwölf Brüder (The Twelve Brothers)
  • Der Froschkönig (The Frog King)
  • Rumpelstilzchen (Rumpelstiltskin)
  • Der Hase und der Igel (The hare and the hedgehog)
  • Schneeweißchen und Rosen (Snow-white and Rose-red)



Aschenputtel (Cinderella)

The Classic Fairy Tale

Aschenputtel (Cinderella) is probably one of the most well-known fairy tales that exists around the world.

EUR 6.95  EUR 9.95

For a limited time only!


Fairy Tale (MP3/PDF)
Download Version

I recorded it for you in German and translated the text line by line into English.

Aschenputtel is a young girl who has lost her mother early. Her father had remarried and now she has a stepmother and two stepsisters. She has been made to the servant of her own family but like in every great fairy tale there is of course a very nice happy ending.

This fairy tale is very old and exists in many different versions around the world. This version is like it was told by the Gebrüder Grim.



The Classic Fairy Tale

Rapunzel is a well-known fairy tale that exists around the world.

EUR 9.95


Fairy Tale (MP3/PDF)
Download Version

I recorded it for you in German and translated the text sentence by sentence into English.

The fairy tale is about a beautiful girl named Rapunzel, who is being held captive by a wicked sorceress in a tower without doors. One day a prince manages to climb up the tower. The two fall in love, but the evil sorceress finds out.

This fairy tale is very old and exists in many different versions around the world. This version is like it was told by the Gebrüder Grim.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a beginner - are your lessons too difficult for me?
I know you are worried but don’t lose heart! I met many beginners, who all started from zero and they all made huge progress with my method and lessons.

You have all you need:
1) The English translation (for understanding)
2) The recorded speaker (for pronunciation)
3) The written words (for spelling)
4) The question and answer parts for active participation (to save the information in your brain).

You don’t have to learn words by heart. You will learn them automatically. All you have to do is a lot of repetitions. Trust me, it is just a matter of repetition. You can do it! – Have faith in yourself and never give up!

What payment options do you offer?
I offer these payment options:

  • Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)
  • PayPal
  • Certified „immediate transfer“ payment system
  • Bank Transfer

Tip: If you cannot find a suitable payment option I recommend creating a PayPal account. PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world and the service is free of charge for the customers. With a PayPal account you can buy products online all over the world.

What kind of files (file format) will be provided?
The audio will be in mp3 and the text in pdf format. There are a lot of files in my packages so I had to compress them to zip files otherwise you had to download hundreds of individual files.

After the download process you can copy the mp3 and pdf files out of the zip files and put them on your iPod, tablets or mobile phone.

Do I need to learn grammar rules to speak German fluently?

If you want to speak German fluently, there is no time to think about grammar rules. You need to feel what is right and what is wrong! Being able to think in German and being able to feel the correct grammar are the keys. My German audio stories and lessons will help you to develop this feeling.

How long will it take until I can speak German fluently with your lessons?
This depends on many factors for example your current level and how much time you want to invest every day. Students who practice with my lessons and stories at least 30 minutes every day need about 6 to 8 months until they speak German fluently.

My currency is not Euro - what can I do?
If your national currency is not Euro, the payment processor will change the currency automatically.

Physical Version vs. Digital Version (MP3/PDF)
The physical version (books and CDs) is not available yet. The price is expected to be EUR 199 for all three packages. The digital version is already available and for a reasonable price so that everybody can afford it and don’t have to spend hundreds of EUR or USD in language schools. It is a great investment into your future.

It also has the advantage that you can copy them easily on your iPod or mobile phone and listen to my lessons and stories everywhere – this saves a lot of time.

Of course you can also burn them on audio CDs yourself and listen to them this way but the mp3 format is much more flexible.

Can I buy and download your materials from anywhere in the world?
Yes, you can buy my lessons and stories from anywhere in the world. I sell only digital products at the moment. After your payment you will receive an email from DigiStore24 with an access link to your personal download page.

What My Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!

Taiwo (lives now in Germany) 

Ich weiß nicht, wie du diese Methode herausgefunden hast, aber es funktioniert. Ich spreche jetzt fließend Deutsch. Du bist einfach wunderbar!

Ich habe viele Deutschlernende getroffen, die seit Jahren Deutsch lernen. Und es überrascht mich, dass wir das gleiche Niveau haben, wenn wir Deutsch sprechen. Aber ich habe es erst seit ungefähr einem Jahr gelernt. Ich möchte nicht unbescheiden sein, aber ich glaube, dass ich manchmal besser Deutsch spreche als die meisten von ihnen.

Und weißt du was? Ich habe die ganzen Lektionen noch nicht fertig gemacht. Ich habe noch 3 Geschichten übrig, die ich machen muss.

Wer die deutsche Sprache schwer findet, hat offensichtlich noch nie deine Lektionen probiert.

Ich habe jetzt eine Frage an dich: Schreibst du mehr Märchen bald? Ich finde, die Märchen sind eine gute Idee, um mein Deutsch zu verbessern. Ich habe schon 2 Märchen viele Male gehört und habe viele neue Wörter gelernt. Endlich bitte ich dich, Aschenputtel zu schreiben. Wer hätte gedacht, dass Deutsch lernen so viel Spaß macht.

Viele Grüße

Lukas (Czech Republic) 

Hallo Lucas,

im vorigen Jahr habe ich deinen kompletten Hörkurs gekauft. Damals war ich Anfänger. Deinen Hörkurs habe ich in ca. 6 Monaten (also wie versprochen) gemacht. Du hast mir wirklich sehr geholfen und dafür bedanke ich mich.

Danke für deine Hilfe.

Viele Grüße aus Brünn


Elizabeth (United Kingdom) 

Dear Lucas,

I have purchased and downloaded your courses and I find them very useful and interesting. It certainly is a great way to learn German and I thank you for making this possible.

Kind regards.


Judy (United States) 

Hello Lucas,

I am enjoying your lessons! I purchased all of them. The vocabulary and short stories are really fun! I listen and answer while I work out or walk.



Joan (United States) 

I have purchased all of your lessons and downloaded them onto my computer. I am working on the vocabulary lessons 1-16. Also I am working on „Jedes Böhnchen gibt ein Tönchen.“

These stories are very enjoyable and I feel I am grasping the language. I need to listen, listen, listen a little more. I understand the section under „Listen, Listen, Listen“ (Das Wunder, erste, Der Stalker, Zweimal, Die Panik, übrig, and erkennen.

I laugh a lot when I study. 🙂

I can hear the story of „Die Schnecke“ and I understand it now both by listening and by reading. I also understand the question and answer portions of „Die Schnecke“.

I so enjoy learning German.



Sheila (United States) 

As far as my progression with learning German, it’s going really well especially after I purchased your packages including the Fairy Tales and Funny Stories. Last week, I finally finished printing out all the PDF documents I needed from the package and stories so that I would be able to follow along while listening to the mp3 files.

I want to again express my gratitude to you for creating such excellent learning material. Very well constructed and easy to follow. My regime consists of the Vocabulary lesson, then a Fairy Tale and finally a Funny story. All are repeated several times each day and I won’t continue on to the next lesson/fairy tale/story until I’ve got the full understanding of what I had been reading, including the pronunciation and answering all questions with little to no help. So far, this has worked well for me.

Vielen Dank Lucas


Marie (Australia)  

Hi Lucas,

I enjoy your lessons very much. Your tips are great. I am also trying to drum up business for you. I will take my iPad to my German class next week, so that they can hear just how good you are, and I will suggest that they purchase your lessons.



Deepa (India) 

Dear Lucas,

Greetings from India!

I’ve been going through your lessons and found them quite interesting. We are trying to teach German to our 9 year old daughter. She enjoyed the little snail story and has listened to it so many times that she can recite it just like you.

Kind regards,


Bonnie (United States) 

Hi, I have started your program and bought all the upgrades. I am so far very happy and find your method brilliant!

I am at the moment very motivated and would practice languages all day if I had the choice.


Hussam (Saudi Arabia) 

Dear Lucas

First of all I would like to thank you for your emails and your method in learning a new language.

As response to your email asking me for my feedback about the first lesson, please be informed that I had repeated at least 30 up to 35 times last three days, I found it very easy and I was so excited so that I had purchased all your material and I am planning to learn the German language and speak it within months.

Let me share with you my experience with your first lesson. It’s a very nice story and when I started following your rules in listening and repeating the lesson over and over again I was surprised from my ability to understand 90 % of the lesson. I even memorized the words and I started speak these words alone.

You will not believe that I woke up in the morning and found myself the first thing in the morning is remember all of the lesson… something amazing right?

One more time thank you for your method and your materials and for everything.

Best Regards and be well.


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