How to break the rules and become fluent in German 6x faster!


People take long to be fluent in German because they follow the rules.

When you follow what everyone does, what will make your results different?

And because you don’t want the frustration of learning German then waiting for years to be fluent in German, let me show you a fun-filled method that will help you become fluent without following the ‘look for a native speaker to talk to’ advice.

Break the rules - Learn German Easily

German learning rules that need to be broken

But merely being tradition does not make something worthy
~ Brandon Sanderson, Oathbringer

That said, here are some of the traditional rules about learning German:

  1. Sit in a class, read books and take notes
  2. Practice instead of watching a movie, listen to boring audio and read complicated German text
  3. Take a German exam
  4. If you fail, repeat the process

How interesting does that sound?

Now consider this:

  1. No classes, no books and no notes
  2. You listen to funny stories and practice as you walk, and you still get to watch your movie!
  3. No exams! (Prüfungen sind blöd, stimmt’s? – exams suck, don’t they?)
  4. You cannot fail. You will just take longer to be fluent if you do not practice every day.

The case of the Aeron chair

What? Let me explain!

Aeron chair - Learn German Easily

The Aeron chair revolutionized office seating.

As of 2010 it was named America’s best-selling chair and is now featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

But what made it so successful is that it didn’t fit existing expectations.

Simply put, the Aeron chair broke the rules!

Here are some of the features that made it different and unusual:

  • The armrests were attached at the back instead of under the seat
  • The back was wider at the top instead of at the bottom
  • The material on the seat pan and back was a special elastic mesh instead
    of foam

And these developments were the exact opposite of what people were used to.

Now let’s run an analysis between learning German using the TPRS method vs using conventional methods:

Conventional German learning methods vs the TPRS method

I’ll show you how the TPRS method is different but better for learning German than the usual conventional methods.

bored learning German

Conventional Courses

  • Teaches language structure using (difficult) grammar
  • Follows the learn-and examine testing modal
  • You learn grammar but it will take long to be fluent
Thumbs up - fun way to learn German

TPRS Method

  • Teaches language structure naturally
  • The test is a simulated funny conversation
  • You become fluent within a short time
Feature  Purpose
Teaches language structure naturally With this method, your brain learns to think in German and this helps to develop the structure naturally.
The ‘test’ is a simulated funny conversation A ‘simulated’ conversation helps you develop the language naturally and gives you positive feedback immediately because you can answer in German without any effort.
You become fluent within a short time You will learn many things (pronunciation, sentence structure, spelling, etc.) at the same time. This saves a lot of learning time.


You can now see how each feature of the TPRS method is specifically designed to make your learning most effective and that’s what will get you speaking fluently in a short time.

Remember, it’s not your fault 

One important thing to note is that it’s not your fault if you prefer the conventional methods.

I mean after all the schooling that you’ve been through and the exposure to standardized exams, would it not only make sense that every area of study should follow that pattern?

Only that if you open your mind to different approaches you’ll probably find better ways of doing something than what you’re used to.


People shun ideas or approaches that are unfamiliar to them, even though they would be more beneficial in the end.

It’s not until they are familiar with them or others have tried it first that they feel comfortable to step into the waters, and so if you would like to hear from people who have tried the TPRS method first …

… this is what they had to say:

I bought Lucas’ program a few months ago and can not recommend it enough! I have already learnt more in the few months using his lessons then years of doing it on my own. Thanks so much!
~ Hayden Calway

I enjoy learning German with Lucas, he makes it fun and easy to start, nothing complicated, just everyday talk that you would normally use and very little grammar, hooray.
~ Steve Rooke

To read all the comments, check out my Facebook Page (reviews)

If you want to see if the TPRS method will work for you, I encourage you to do just that.

You’ll be surprised to find yourself speaking German sooner than your friends who took conventional methods, and you will become fluent while they are still trying to figure out the 4 German cases.

Here are some basic lessons to get started:

🔗 Dive Into German ABCs
🔗 der, die, das (Secret Decoded)
🔗 Unravel 'is' in German
🔗 Master 'sein' and 'haben'
🔗 Explore Umlauts Ä, Ö, Ü

For more depth, try these selected intermediate lessons:

🔗 Spice Up With Adjectives
🔗 Tense Mastery: Past to Future!
🔗 Crack Prefixes & Verbs
🔗 Clarify 'das' vs 'dass'

Blog Articles e.g.

🔗 German Work Permit: What You Need to Know and Do in Advance!

🔗 Palaces and Castles in Germany from Neuschwanstein (Cinderella’s) to Frankenstein’s Castle

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