How to say hello in German in a way that sounds cool

We all know it.

Yeah, we can all say ‘Guten Tag’.

Even someone who can’t tell the difference between ‘moin’ and ‘moi’ will quickly utter a Guten Tag and claim to know some German.

And we also know the over-used and over-repetitive ‘Hallo’ and ‘Hi’.

That’s why today I want to take you through other ways on how to say hello in German, that the average Joe can only guess about, so that you don’t just say hello, but say it with some style. 

There are many ways to say hello in German – slang, formal, and informal ways.

How do you say hello in German

How to say hello in German and impress others


If you are wondering how to say hello in German and the basic hello sounds too lame, why don’t you spice it up to Hallöchen?

Yeah, do that and watch the reaction you will receive.

If your intention is to sound cool, you surely will strike a point with this.

If you also want to know some cool ways of saying goodbye in German, check the pink link.


Another way you can sound like the fresh prince of Arabia is by twisting your Hallo into something that sounds like it came straight from the story of Ali Baba or Aladdin.

Just don’t use this in a formal setting – you won’t sound cool at all. ?


A common greeting in the North for example in Hamburg, which is not only a city but also a state of Germany. This phrase will instantly get heads turning when you say it.


Because people from southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland cannot really understand it.

And also, because it’s a phrase which doesn’t have a direct translation in English and so is only used by people who understand it.

So, just say ‘Moinsen’, and your friends will respond with the same and if they don’t understand it, they will answer with a frown.

Just tell them it’s a casual ‘what’s up’, or ‘how’s it going’ and then they will be quite impressed.


Other than ‘Moinsen’, if you are wondering how to say hi in German and sound like you are from the North, you could say ‘Moin’.

Yeah, really.

And to add some cool to it, you may double it up to ‘Moin Moin’.

Just don’t blame me for the stares and the smiles that you’ll get.


Sliding down to southern Germany you come across cobblestones, smoky chimneys and a rather unusual word, ‘Servus’.

This is how to say hello in German if you want to sound like you just ate Käsespätzle and you’re feeling good about it.

Or in other words, it’s a way to say that you know a bit of German in a way most people don’t and they should respect you for that.

Was ist los?

I’ve already introduced you to a number of unique ways on how to say hi in German.

‘Was ist los?’ is also another one, but you should only use this phrase with your friends and colleagues, but never in a formal setting or with someone who is senior to you.

Otherwise, you will end up being the kid who reports to the head teacher’s office and says, ‘what’s up?’ ?

Wie geht es dir? / Wie geht’s dir?

This literally means ‘how goes it you?’, and you could pull it off anytime in a casual setting.

People are used to ‘Wie geht’s?’, and so adding the ‘dir’ brings out a certain flair to your greeting.

Obviously ‘Wie geht’s?’ is a shortening of ‘Wie geht es dir?’, but you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t even know that.

There is also a formal version, which is ‘Wie geht es Ihnen?’.

So, pay attention to the ending and be sure to use the right one in a given context.

You don’t want to confuse things and end up like the guy who boiled his phone and put the egg in his pocket instead. ?

Need more unique ways on how to say hello in German?

I have prepared a more comprehensive article with lots of examples as well as regional differences on how to say hello in German.

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You will also find over 40 unique ways to say good morning / good day in German and leave a wake of impressed people behind you.

What’s the point in saying a unique hello if you can’t say an equally unique good day?

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