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When to use „gern“ vs „gerne“

I often hear the question: „What’s the difference between gern and gerne?“ Both versions are quite common.

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>>> Gern oder gerne?

How to use gern in German

Which one is correct gern or gerne?

The words gern/gerne both mean: „gladly“, „like to“ or „love to“. And all those who were afraid to use the words incorrectly can calm down. 😎

There is no difference between gern and gerne. So, you can use both variants.

However, if you examine how often the forms gern or gerne occur, then you find that the form „gern“ is preferred in the written language (in books and the daily press).

One more note: You certainly know the phrase: „Gern geschehen!“ (which means: „You’re welcome!“. Here it is customary to use only „gern“!

Example sentences with gern, gerne 

Here are some example sentences that you can listen to.

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      Examples with gern and gerne
Ich gehe gern ins Kino.
Oder: Ich gehe gerne ins Kino.
I like going to the cinema.

Beide Sätze haben genau die gleiche Bedeutung!
Both sentences have exactly the same meaning!

Kannst du mir helfen?
Ja, das mache ich gern.
Oder: Ja, das mache ich gerne.

Can you help me?
Yes, I like to do that.

Kommst du mit in die Disco?
Ja, gern/gerne.

Are you coming to the disco?
Yes gladly.

Trinkst du gern/gerne Kaffee?
Ja, ich trinke gern/gerne Kaffee.

Do you like to drink coffee?
Yes, I like to drink coffee.

Conclusion: Don’t worry about doing something wrong. You can use gern or gerne, it doesn’t matter. There is no difference in the application. However, use the phrase: „Gern geschehen!“ („You’re welcome!“) rather only the form: „gern“.
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