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7-Rule-Challenge and more!

This free German class is for beginners, intermediate and advanced students who want to learn German in an effective and fun way!

But be aware, it’s a 7-Rule-Challenge!

Stay on track and read all 7 rules carefully.

If you do, you will learn German much faster and much more effectively than ever before!

It is very important that you read, understand and follow all 7 rules if you want to make progress as fast as possible and to save learning time.

The rules can only work if you use all of them. They are the reason why my students learn German in only a few months instead of years.

Sign up to my free German course and speak German fluently, 6x faster

This free German course is for beginners, intermediate and advanced students who want to learn German in an effective and fun way!

Content of the Free German Course:

  • I’ll teach you 7 rules to master German (7-Rule-Challenge)
  • Download a Mini Story (mp3/pdf) for free
  • Get more free lessons, fun stuff and study tips step by step
  • Collect codes during the challenge and unlock a reward (an entire story lesson set for free)

Do you also hate to learn boring and difficult grammar rules by heart?

Did you know that there is a much more effective way to learn grammar and structure than memorizing grammar rules?

This is because German grammar can be really complex and confusing, and this is why I created this free German course.

It is much more fun and effective to develop a natural feeling for grammar and structure with the Story-Telling Method (TPRS) and the special Question and Answer Technique than it is to study grammar in class.

Sign up now and let’s get started

So, try my method and you’ll see amazing results, just like Suzanne, Patti, Hayden and Monika, among others did

Excellent learning materials and a very personal service from Lucas. You can tell that he is passionate about helping others learn the language and he makes learning fun.
Suzanne Golinski 

Prior to trying Lucas‘ method, I had tried other free German language apps. I found that they only taught me words and not a communication method. After 4 months, I knew some words but not how to speak to someone.

Lucas‘ method incorporates all learning styles, audio, written and spoken. After only a few weeks I understand the spoken and written language better. German can be a tongue twister, but I am also finding I can pronounce the words better also by listening to sentence.

Lucas is also very personable and not just a salesman. He is interested in your progress. I would recommend Lucas‘ method if you want to converse in German more quickly.
Patti Olson 

I bought Lucas’ program a few months ago and can not recommend it enough! I have already learnt more in the few months using his lessons then years of doing it on my own. Thanks so much!
Hayden Calway  

The best method on the market so far I found learning German. Funny and intresting so without realising you learn to speak and understand. Thank you for the amazing materials and the free die Schnecke story, love it!
Monika Juszt

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