Learn German Easily

Learn German Easily

Not a traditional German Course 😉

This free German class is for beginners, intermediate and advanced students who want to learn German in an effective and fun way.

Hi, my name is Lucas Kern and I’ll teach you to speak German fluently and effortlessly.

Free German Course

Do you know that there is a much more effective way to learn grammar and structure than memorizing grammar rules? German grammar can be really complex and confusing. This frustrates many students and this is the reason why I created this free German course.

It is much more fun and effective to develop a natural feeling for grammar and structure with the Story-Telling Method (TPRS) and the special Question and Answer Technique. Try this free German class and you’ll see amazing results!

Free German Course via E-Mail

Content of the Free German Course:

  • I’ll teach you 7 rules to master German (7-Rule-Challenge)
  • You can download one of my TPRS Mini Stories for free.
  • Collect codes during the 7-Rule-Challenge and unlock a great reward

Be aware that this is a challenge! 😉

So, it may be a little difficult and there is a lot to read, but stay on track and read all 7 rules carefully. If you do that, I promise that you will learn German much faster and much more effectively than ever before!

Hier finden Sie die Geschichten und Lektionen, die ich erstellt habe:

TPRS Audio Lessons and Audio Stories!

Lucas - Learn German Easily
Lucas - Learn German Easily

I suggest that you sign up for my free German course and learn how to progress quickly with the storytelling method (TPRS). If you are not sure what TPRS is, you can read more about TPRS here.

I wish you lots of fun and success!


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