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As a language, German is famous for its long words.

What many people don’t know, is that many of these words are compound words; meaning that they are made up of other words.

However, often the new word has a completely different meaning than you would imagine from the parts.

Here I show you a few of my favorite fun German words:

das Luftschloss


The German word Luftschloss refers to an unrealistic dream; an impossible thing that can’t be achieved. Kind of like building a castle in the air!

Fun German Word: Luftschloss

der Purzelbaum (a fun German compound word)


It sounds like a tree, right?

But it’s not! The word has a completely different meaning.

This German word describes a somersault in the ground, that kind that often lands in dirt!

Fun German Word - der Purzelbaum

das Weichei – my favorite fun German word


Well, maybe a special German word for a breakfast egg?


In German we use this fun German word to refer to someone weak-willed or a little coward; someone that just goes along with the crowd.

Fun German Word: das Weichei

das Kopfkino


The fun German word ‘Kopfkino’ refers to mentally playing out an entire situation in your mind, as if you were watching it in a movie theater.

Fun German Word: das Kopfkino

I’ll be adding more fun German words soon, so stay tuned. 

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