How to say in German…

How do you say this or that correctly in German?

Many people find it difficult to express themselves correctly in German. For this reason, I have written some articles to help you express yourself well in German and to help you learn many alternatives.

There are always several possibilities in German, which fit more or less well depending on the situation.

Stop in German

9 alternative ways to say STOP in German like natives do

You could say for example: halt, innehalten, anhalten, aufhören, unterbrechen … and so on – but how do you use them?

I’ll show you what word to use in which situation.

German for Okay

20+ helpful ways to say okay in German for starters

Wondering how to say okay in German? – I got you.

I’ll show you how to say okay in German and teach you other related phrases like ‘alright’.

How to say good night in German

5 easiest ways to say GOOD NIGHT in German

‘Gute Nacht’ is the most popular German word for good night, and it has been used, overused and beaten to death.

I’ll show you better alternatives.

How to say yes in German

DO NOT use ‘NEIN’ | Better ways to say NO in German

The most common way to say ‘NO’ in German is ‘nein’.

But did you know these other options Germans like to use?

How to say yes in German

25 ways to say YES in German. Don’t use ‘JA’ all the time!

There are so many ways of saying yes in German. Some are as direct as saying ‘I like you’ while others are a bit more indirect like ‘I think I like you’.

You are welcome in German

How to say you’re welcome in German the easy-peasy way

If you need to know how to say you’re welcome in German, here is a German teacher explaining it all.

How do you say hello in German

How to say hello in German in a way that sounds cool

Forget the over-used Guten Tag and also the Hallo and Hi are not any better. Here are different ways to say hello in German and sound awesome.

Thanks a lot in German

15 ways to say thank you in German

Germans are generally very polite and expect a similar form of courtesy from you.

I will therefore not only help you to learn how to say thank you in German, but also show you how to react to it and make the other person smile.

Good morning in German

45 ways to greet someone | ☀ Good morning in German

Chris wants to say “Guten Morgen” to Julia in German. He approaches her, but doesn’t want to say what everyone else is saying because he wants to impress her.

how do you say goodbye in German

How do you say goodbye in German the uncommon way

Most don’t know how to say goodbye in German.

So I’m going to show you a lot of ways to do it. Some are very common and others are not that common.

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