Learn German Easily

Learn German Easily

Fun Facts About Germany

What is Germany famous for?

I’ll show you some German traditions and tell you some fun facts about Germany – have fun 😊

fun facts about Germany

Speed rush on German highways

On German highways, there are many routes where there are no speed limits. So you can drive as fast as you want. Of course you have to be extra careful. High speeds are not for beginners. The faster you drive your car, the longer the braking distance.


If you drive 100km/h (kilometres per hour), your braking distance is 50 meters.

If you drive 200km/h (kilometres per hour), your braking distance is 200 meters.

The braking distance is therefore not doubled, but quadruples (four times as much).

Many people love this rush of speed and are even addicted to it. Tour operators even offer special „German Autobahn Travel Tours“. These are trips to Germany including sports cars, to experience a speed rush on German highways.

German Gummibärchen

Inventions from Germany (interesting facts about Germany)

We have invented great things. Did you know that these things were invented in Germany?

  • decorated Christmas trees
  • Diesel and gasoline engines
  • calculators
  • kindergartens
  • LCD screens
  • insulin
  • coffee filters
  • contact lenses

We even invented the gummy bears 😊

Prison break

The jailbreak is not a crime 😮

If you break out of prison in Germany, it is not punishable (Selbstbefreiung) Isn’t it crazy? This means that theoretically every prisoner can break out of prison as often as he wants and can’t get a higher sentence. So, Germany is pretty liberal.

Germany has recognized that it is part of the human instinct to be free. However, the broken out prisoners don’t stay in freedom for long. Most are caught again after a short time.

German traditions

Beer consumption in Germany (Fun Fact About Germany)

In Germany the beer consumption is really, really high. I’m sure you already knew that. However, did you know that beer in Bavaria is considered as basic food (staple food)? No kidding! 😊

This was established in the „Purity Law“, the oldest food law in the world. In Germany we have about 1500 breweries.

Beer is also often referred to as „liquid bread“ because it is made from grain and yeast.

What is germany famous for?

The German bread

We have over 200 words in Germany that describe the tail of a bread.
Here are just a few examples:

  • Kanten
  • Endstück
  • Ecke
  • Rand
  • Käntle
  • Kruste
  • Krüstchen
  • Knorke
  • Ärschl

Of course, you don’t have to know every word. It’s enough if you know the word „Kanten“.

Did you like my small selection of fun facts about Germany?


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