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Improve Your German Using My Social Media Accounts

Looking for German social media counts to improve your German?

Then you have found the right place.

By reading a post in German on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you will greatly improve your understanding of the German language in just one week!

And other than German/English translations, I also have accounts in German/Spanish.

NEW: I just started with TikTok

I don’t have many videos yet, but a lot more are coming soon.

So check it out and follow me on:

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Be consistent

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❌Caution: Don’t Overdo Social Media Though

One important thing for you to note:

Don’t follow too many social media sites in German at once, but instead limit yourself to a few and read only one post/article per day!

This is because reading too many posts won’t help you much if you don’t have a learning plan in place.

And that’s why I created my free email course.

I did this to give you the necessary guidelines and a blueprint, which will save you a lot of learning time in the end. All you have to do is read my 7 parts (7 Rules) which I will send to you by email.

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