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What is LingQ and is it worth it?


Let me spoiler this article for you…

…yes, it is worth it!

In my opinion, anyone who loves languages should have a LingQ account to track their progress.

LingQ is a long term tool.

You can get an account by following these steps:

1) Click here and create a free account

You can use most of the features for free!

If you want to unlock all features, you can currently save up to 38%:

2) Sign in and go to “get premium”

3) Pick your plan (up to 38% off)

LingQ website

Now, if you want to know why it’s worth it, let’s go to the longer version

First of all, what is LingQ?

LingQ is a language learning app and website powered not only with lots of written content but also thousands of hours of “real world” audio and tools to help users to learn grammar and vocabulary.

And you can use all of those to learn German!

Besides German, you can also learn other languages (24 to choose from).

You have a huge selection of audio stories, interesting articles, and lessons to help you learn and improve your chosen foreign language.

You can even filter the whole media library by level.

LingQ filter by level

If you don’t understand a word, phrase, or sentence, you can click on a word and you will immediately get a translation with pronunciation in your native language.

LingQ vocabulary translation

What is the best feature of LingQ?

The best feature in my eyes is the possibility to create so-called “LingQs”.

Before I explain how it works in LingQ, let me explain why this feature is so essential to your long-term success.

Learning a foreign language is a long-term process and an essential part is building a substantial vocabulary.

The biggest problem is keeping track.

Which words have I already learned and how well do I know them?

When you read texts, you may already know many words, but what about the ones you don’t know?

Well, these are the ones you should learn, right?

But honestly, do you look up every unfamiliar word in a dictionary? That would be quite time consuming.

With LingQ you can see at a glance all the words you know in a text. For the unfamiliar words, you get a translation with just one mouse click, which helps to expand your vocabulary even more!

I can guarantee you’ll be thrilled when you see the graphical statistics of how your vocabulary has expanded over the days, then weeks, and then months!

That feeling motivates you, and it gives you a sense of security.

When you don’t track the size of your vocabulary, you might think you’ve stopped making progress.



1) If you learned 100 words as a beginner and you learn another 15 words, then those 15 words will seem like a big step forward.

2) But if you’ve already been studying for a few weeks and you already know 1000 words, you will hardly notice it if you learn another 15 words.

You might feel stuck, and that will make your motivation drop.

This is very frustrating, and it’s normally the point where people start to fall behind on their learning. After all, why bother if you’re not making any progress?

But if you use LingQ, you will immediately see that you are still making progress. You will easily see how the number of words keeps increasing.

How exactly does this work in LingQ?

Let me explain:

When you open a text for the first time, all words are marked in blue.

This means that these words have not yet been assessed by you before.

Click on a word, mark a phrase or whole sentence and judge how well you know the words (1-4).

The words are then marked in different shades of yellow (or phrases in different shades of orange).

LingQ evaluate words

In later lessons, stories, and articles, the different color markings will give you an immediate overview of which words you already know, and which are new to you.

That way, you can focus mostly on the new words. You can target the language you truly need to learn, and not waste time with words you already know.

Is LingQ free? – or does it cost anything?

Most features are free.

And if you want to use all features, you can currently get up to 38% LingQ discount, without needing a discount code or coupon required.

Just do the following:

Use this link and create your free account:

1) Click here and create a free account

If you want to use all features:

2) Sign in and go to “get premium”

3) Pick your plan (up to 38% off at the moment)

Fazit – Is LingQ worth it?

In my opinion, it is one of the best platforms to learn foreign languages and especially to track your learning progress in the long run. If you want to learn a language seriously, you should have a LingQ account!

In-depth LingQ review and tutorial

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LingQ website

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