Learn German Easily

Learn German Easily

Learn German with Anja

Jan and Lucas

Learn German with Anja

Who are we?

We started a project called „SuperDeutsch“.

We are on the mission to help you learn German in an easy and entertaining way. Each of us has a different approach and that’s why we complement each other so well! We have combined our strengths and developed a course that enables you to achieve optimal learning success through various learning techniques and methods.

Anja (from Learn German with Anja) likes to make funny videos about the German language. Jan (from EasyDeutsch) likes to explain the German grammar in a simple way and Lucas (from Learn German Easily) likes to tell funny stories and records them as well. He uses a very special teaching method (TPRS = Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) to help you speak German fluently!

Online German Course

An Entertaining Radio Play With Many Features

Abenteuer Deutschland

Erster Teil: Deutschland wir kommen!

Coming soon!

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  • German course recommended level A2-B2
  • Online access with download option (MP3/PDF)
  • Funny radio play (audio story) in 5 chapters
  • Recorded by native speakers (Anja, Jan and Lucas)
  • Integrated MP3 player on each page
  • Printable PDF script (GER/ENG)
  • The whole script is fully translated into English
  • Accompanying videos with Anja
  • Question and Answer Technique*
  • Grammar explanations after every chapter


Suitable for beginners and intermediate students (recommended level A2-B2)

*Question and Answer Technique
The Question and Answer Technique helps you to improve your speaking skill! It is like a simulated conversation. By answering the questions aloud, you train your brain to think in German. Being able to think in German is the key to fluency.


Get easy access to the online course. Watch the videos, read the script and listen to the audios with the integrated player on every page.


Load the mp3 files onto your mobile phone or iPod for example with Dropbox, Google Drive or iTunes and listen to the story on your way to work or school.


Get easy access to the online course. Watch the videos, read the script and listen to the audios with the integrated player on every page.


Print out the pdf files and read along while listening to the story with your mobile phone or iPod.

Learn German with Anja, Jan and Lucas in an easy and fun way!

Welcome to a trip to Germany! Are you excited? Travel together with Anna and Leon to Germany.

We recorded a story for you and use different learning techniques in this course so that it never gets boring. Anja (from Learn German with Anja) has recorded accompanying videos. Lucas (from Learn German Easily) uses the Question-Answer-Technique and Jan (from EasyDeutsch) will explain the grammar to you.


The adventure begins on a Sunday in the summer. More precisely, it is the 5th of June. It is a nice evening. The sun is just setting and you can hear a sparrow chirping happily. Anna and Leon are sitting in a meadow in the green grass watching a hare hopping across the meadow. Colorful flowers are blooming everywhere and, in the distance, you can see a farmer driving his tractor across the field. It is still very warm and they are having a picnic.

Sign up for my email course and get informed when our new project „Abenteuer Deutschland“ get launched.

Speaking parts in the radio play:

Jan from EasyDeutsch:

  • speaker

Anja from Learn German with Anja:

  • Anna, stewardess

Lucas from Learn German Easily:

  • Leon, Günther, pilot, enthusiastic voice on the phone
  • Question and Answer Parts
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