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Have you ever been to Germany?

It’s a country of culture, innovation and some really cool laws. For instance, where in the world is breaking out of jail not an offence? (see: facts about Germany)

I mean like seriously…

Well, keep reading and you’ll find out more cool things about Germany and the German language, and this will be summed up with an interesting quiz at the end.

Let’s get started.

Since you are reading this article, I guess that you’ve not been to Germany.

Well, get ready because I’m about to bathe you in a unique experience of this great country and by the time you are done reading you will know more than 50% of people who have never been to Germany.

Let me start by saying that one of the most beautiful federal state in Germany is Bayern (Bavaria).


This is due to its breath-taking landscapes of undulating hills and valleys, and this is where you find the Bavarian Alps, a stunning stretch of mountains that would beat the Swiss Alps in an arm wrestling contest.

It is these natural features that make this state in Germany one of the most visited by tourists, and it’s also one of the best places to enjoy an alpine environment in Europe.

Bavaria also has some of the most famous castles in Germany, including the Neuschwanstein, which is the most photographed castle in the world, the Hohenschwangau and the Linderhof, the latter which even has a cave on the inside!


Germany has more to offer

But you won’t just find mountains and castles – you’ll also come across beaches at the Nord- und Ostsee (North and Baltic Sea), and on some beaches you can walk for hours on end.

One example is the Rügen (an island in the Baltic Sea), where you’ll find a beach that runs for 11 kilometers.

Talk of a fun beach day.

Sea Bridge

Hold up, Germany is yet to impress you

At the introduction, I hinted to you that breaking out of jail in Germany is not a crime, which means that if you are an ambitious prisoner, you can break out as many times as you want.

Really, I’m not kidding!

Well, if you think that’s crazy, you can read about it in detail as well as more fun facts about Germany here.

If you are, however, a law abiding citizen like me and do not fancy drawing escape plans on prison walls, then you can take a walk on the open fields of the Palatinate (Pfalz) and enjoy the endless wine fields and beautiful old castles.

Pfalz Cochem Burg

Don’t make this mistake when thinking of Germany

I’ve already shown you how a number of places look, and maybe you’ve thought of visiting Germany at one point or another. But let me ask you – have you ever considered learning German?

I’m asking you this because there is a mistake, I find a lot of people making and I wanted to check if you make it too.

I keep hearing my subscribers say:

“I want to learn Germany language”

This is the wrong way to say it, and even though I always take pleasure in teaching my native language, I need you to know that Germany is a country and not a language.

You can say:

I want to travel to Germany or I want to move to Germany but you cannot say I want to study Germany language or I want to learn Germany language.

Instead, you need to say: I would like to learn German or study German.

That is unless of course you are a researcher, and you actually want to study Germany as a country.

If that is the case, then knowing some basic German will help you a lot.

Except for one problem:

The language of Germany can be very tricky

Learning the German language

may seem a bit difficult at first, but with the right method you can learn it 6 times as fast.

What do I mean?

From my experience, I have seen that students who use the method of learning German called TPRS learn German 6 times more quickly than their counterparts using conventional methods.

One of the reasons that this method is so effective is that you learn German grammar naturally, which means that while others suffer the frustration of studying German cases you will cruise through them using funny and engaging stories.

If you’d like to try this method, you can register for my free German course.

Oh, and before I forget, don’t be afraid of the different dialects in Germany.

It won’t matter whether you will be in Bavaria, where the people speak Bavarian, or on vacation in the north, where the people speak Plattdeutsch (Low German).

Everyone understands High German and that’s what you should learn.

If you speak High German, you will be able to communicate anywhere in Germany.

Federal Chancellery

Are you planning to study Germany or its language?

If it is your plan to study Germany, for example as a research unit, then I would advise you to spend some time here in Germany.

You will learn much more that way than just browsing through books.

The same applies if you want to study the German language. You can’t learn German through a textbook, because the German language is much too difficult for that.

The structure of the German language is quite demanding and the four cases: the nominative, dative, genitive and the German accusative confuse many students and cause them to give up learning the German language.

It is obviously much better to study German here in Germany, where you hear German every day and you inevitably have to converse in it.

But what if you are not able to travel to Germany to learn German?

Here is an alternative if you cannot study in Germany

Remember when I told you that if you chose to learn German then you should learn High German?

I am a teacher of the German language with 12 years’ experience and I can teach you exactly that.

I normally use a special technique that works like a simulated conversation so that you learn as if you are talking to someone in German (you can learn more about it in my free email course when you sign up).

And here’s another tip: Plan your studies in Germany

well, otherwise it will quickly become very expensive.

If you prepare properly for your studies, your stay in Germany can become the best and most exciting time of your life.

As we conclude, let me wish you good luck in your endeavour, whether it is to study Germany as a country or to learn the German language.

Here’s the quiz I promised and you can use it to find out how much you already know about Germany:

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