Learn German Easily

Learn German Easily

Learning Other Languages

Would you like to speak other languages fluently too?

Many people have tried to learn foreign languages. Many studied languages in school or took additional classes after work. But just a few of them are now able to speak the language of their choice fluently.

I found some great resources and they specialize in the development of audio lessons that help you to solve this exact problem. They use very natural methods to teach you languages. That means you don’t have to learn grammar rules or vocabulary lists by heart. For the most part you will listen to funny stories or interesting articles.

Everything is provided in MP3 and PDF format, that means you can print it out or put it on your tablet and your iPod (or other MP3 device) and then you can listen and read the lessons wherever you are.

If you have been learning other languages for a while and you are still not able to speak these languages fluently, you should definitely practice with the lessons below. You will make significant progress in no time with these lessons. I work with these lessons myself and I think they are great and a lot of fun.

German Alphabet
My friend Òscar has just finished a complete new Spanish course using also the storytelling method and the question and answer technique – read more here:

>>> El Curso Mágico – The Wizard of Oz  

Or visit the website UnlimitedSpanish.com

German Alphabet
Visit the website >>> English Fluency Now
And watch the video on that site, it explains a lot!
German Alphabet
If you want to learn to speak French fluently,
visit the website >>> Francais Authentique
German Alphabet
Visit the website >>> Italiano Automatico
He has published a cool e-book.
German Alphabet
I found a new resource for Polish.
So if you are interested to improve your Polish,
check this out: >>> Learn Real Polish
German Alphabet
And if you want to learn German
you can buy my audio lessons
here >>> My Online Store  

Free Email Course

Download a German audio story and learn with the storytelling method.

You will also learn the 7 rules to master German.

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Here are some basic lessons:

Start with words that are equal
Similarities between German and English

There is a trick you need to know
German Articles: der, die, das

We have two main indefinite articles
Indefinite Articles: ein, eine

Don't let our special letters confuse you
German Alphabet ABC

The words bin, bist, is, sind, seid
The Word „is“ in German

Pers. Pronouns Part 1
I, you, he, she, it in German

Learn the basic colors and some fruits
Colors in German and Fruits

The plural article always stays the same
German Plural – Article: die

Numbers 1 to 5, and how to calculate
One in German, also 2-5

Pers. Pronouns Part 2
We, you, they in German

Pers. Pronouns Part 3
I love you in German

sie/Sie (confusing German word)
You, she, they in German

Pronouns instead of articles and nouns
Er sie es instead of the noun

To be and to have in German
Conjugation of sein and haben

The Cases Nominative and Accusative
Accusative Case den

More basic lessons here:
German Lessons for Beginners

Check out my free email course:
Free German Course

More Lessons

19 important words and phrases!
Thank you, Hello and Yes in German

How to use the word like in German
I like in German

Examples of opposites in German
German Opposites

Learn how to say your age
How old are you?

German Accusative Case with einen
Accusative Case einen

How to use the modal verb können
Modal Verb können

How to say My name is... in German
My name is… in German

How to use: my, your, his, her in German
My, your, his, her in German

How to use: our, your, their in German
Our, your, their in German

How to say Happy Birthday in German
Happy Birthday in German

We have 26 letters but there’re umlauted forms with 2 dots.
German Umlauts Ä, Ö, Ü

How to tell the time in German
Telling Time in German

2 easy ways of expressing the future tense
Future Tense in German

How to say Excuse me in German and more
Excuse me in German

Position of adjectives in a sentence
German Adjectives

How to count in German to 999,999
Counting in German to 999,999

Even more ...

How to say Cheers in German and other phrases
Cheers in German

TPRS Lesson with Q/A-Technique
Funny Vocabulary Lesson

Use comparative adjectives to describe the differences
Comparative Adjectives

Another TPRS Lesson with Q/A-Technique
TPRS Vocabulary Lesson

Adjectives with same meaning in GER and ENG
Adjectives GER=ENG

European countries and their capital cities
Countries and Capitals

Learn the punctuation marks
Punctuation marks in German

Learn the days of the week in German
Days of the Week in German

You can separate the German prefix from a verb
German Prefix | Separable Verbs

The difference between dann and denn
Difference between dann and denn

The difference between gern and gerne
Difference between gern and gerne

Some blog articles 

15 ways to say 'thank you' in German:
Thank you in German

10 long German words you can’t pronounce:
Long German Words

Let's find out how the stars judge your character:
Zodiac Star Signs in German

45 ways to greet someone in German
Good morning in German

More ...

Nice things you could say to your sweetheart
Romantic German Phrases

Current Local Time in Germany:
Time in Germany

Learning Tip:
Vocabulary Learning Tip

My subscribers get access to many more lessons step by step. Check it out: 
Free German Course

Additional Lesson and Stories:
Online Store


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