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Envision yourself speaking German confidently in just a few weeks, effortlessly navigating daily interactions and immersing in German culture.

This course not only enhances your language skills but also opens doors to new career opportunities in German-speaking environments.

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German Course Agenda

Here’s what you’ll discover in each season.

Each season/level is packed with exciting topics that will take your skills to the next level.

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Katie from Australia jets off to Berlin for the adventure of a lifetime!

She’s eager to brush up on her German and discover all the quirky and exciting things the city has to offer.


In the Plane & at the Airport ✈️

  • How to introduce yourself & how to say goodbye
  • Important sentences for German beginners
  • The German alphabet and numbers
  • Learn how to ask questions and give answers in German




In the Taxi & Hotel 🚕 🏨

  • When and how to be formal or informal in Germany
  • How to pay in Germany
  • The German umlauts Ä, Ö, Ü
  • Important hotel words
  • Learn the German possessive articles (“mein”, “dein”, “ihr”)



At the Market & Coffee Shop 🛍️ ☕

  • The most important vegetables and fruits
  • How to negotiate and talk about prices
  • How to ask and talk about jobs
  • How to introduce someone
  • Learn how to use the German Plural



At the Train Station & In the City 🚉 🌇

  • How to ask for & give directions
  • The different modes of transportation
  • Buying tickets
  • Talking about sights
  • Learn how to use separable verbs



In the Restaurant 🍝

  • Reading German menus
  • How to order in a restaurant
  • How to express favor
  • How to make appointments
  • Learn about the position of the verb in German sentences

+ 1st milestone exam 🏁



In the Apartment & Living Room 🛋️

  • Talking about family & family status
  • Describing and comparing people
  • The numbers 100 to infinity
  • Learn how to negate & intensify German adjectives



In the Supermarket 🛒

  • Everything you need to know about German breakfast
  • Important kitchen words
  • Talking about groceries, quantities & packages
  • How to express tastes and preferences
  • Learn how to give commands and instructions in German (imperative)



In the German Course

  • How to tell a story
  • How to give personal information
  • Common German interjections
  • How to use ordinal numbers
  • Learn how to create German past tenses



In the Park 🏠 🌳

  • Writing emails & letters in German
  • Using time indications correctly
  • Writing an invitation
  • Talking about hobbies and free time
  • Learn how to connect sentences with “und”, “aber” & “denn”



In the Clothes Store 👚

  • Talking about clothes
  • Understanding weather forecasts
  • Planning a party
  • Talking about different rules
  • Learn how to use the German dative case

+ Final A1 exam 🏁


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At the neighbor 🚪

  • How to ask & talk about family & relationships
  • Ways to respond to invitations
  • Overview of the German perfect tense
  • Learn how to master the two-way prepositions



On a Date 🍸

  • How to give compliments in German
  • Master German small talk
  • How to describe people
  • Understand “Denglisch”, a mix of German & English
  • Learn the difference between “das” & “dass”



In the Government Building 🏛️

  • Understand the language of the authorities
  • How to understand words in forms & documents
  • German conjunctions like “aber” & “denn”
  • Learn how to use the local prepositions “in”, “zu”, “bei”, “aus” & “von”



At Home 🏠

  • Talking about movies (genres)
  • Learn how to make suggestions with “können”
  • Get to know the most popular German dishes
  • Learn how to read recipes
  • The most important verbs about money



At the Concert 🎸

  • Talking about music
  • How to schedule appointments
  • How to call a German customer service
  • How to describe problems on the phone
  • Learn everything about German temporal prepositions like “vor”, “nach” & “in”

+ 1st milestone exam 🏁



In the Hospital 🏥

  • Important hospital words
  • Talking about the body and pain levels
  • How to express concerns
  • Learn how to use local prepositions like “an…vorbei” or “gegenüber”



Sport at Home 🏋️

  • Talking about sports & exercise
  • How to doubt or reject something
  • Talking about Traveling & Flying
  • How to form “dass” sentences without “dass”
  • Learn how to use reflexive pronouns



At the Flea Market 👕

  • How to negotiate prices in German
  • Important flea market words
  • Talking about jewelry
  • Get to know the German adjective endings



In the Beer Garden 🍺

  • How to express wishes / desires with “hätte gern” & “würde gern”
  • Talking about the job
  • How to book an accomodation
  • How to rent a car
  • Get to know cardinal directions



In the Bank 🏦

  • Get to know important terms in a bank and for opening an account
  • How to indicate account details
  • Get to know exceptional colors
  • How to use the local prepositions “durch”, “entlang”, “gegen”, “um” & “über”

+ Final A2 exam 🏁


Click to view the German Course B1 curriculum


In the Bank 🏦

  • Learn about verbs with prepositions
  • Talking colloquially in German
  • How to use infinitive constructions with “zu”
  • Learn when to use “als” and when to use “wenn”



In the Living Room 📺

  • Learn about the German simple past
  • Talking about TV and the news
  • How to apply for a job
  • Writing a CV in German
  • How to form the subjunctive II



On the Autobahn 🚙

  • Important vocabulary about traveling
  • Learn more about Germany and its federal states
  • How to make sentences with “um…zu” and “damit”
  • Understand the n-declension
  • Get to know relative clauses in the Nominative and Accusative case



In the Vacation Apartment 🧳

  • How to swear in German
  • Learn important phrases to complain
  • How to use passive voice
  • Get to know the Genitive prepositions “während”, “wegen” and “trotz”
  • Learn more about the peculiar particle “doch”



In the Mountains & In the Brewery ⛰️🍺

  • Learn important words about love and heartache
  • How to express fear in German
  • How to use adjectives as nouns
  • Get to know relative clauses in the Dative case
  • Learn about the indefinite pronouns “etwas”, “nichts”, “jemand”, “niemand”

+ 1st milestone exam 🏁



At the University & In the Language School 🎓🌐

  • Learn important vocabulary about studying and university
  • What to say in a job interview
  • How to make sentences with the impersonal passive voice with “es”
  • Learn about temporal clauses with “während”, “bevor” and “seitdem”



On the Street & In the Gym 🛣️🏋️‍♀️

  • Learn more about the history of Germany
  • Understand the difference between “machen” and “tun”
  • Important words about the gym and the body
  • How to form and when to use the past perfect (Plusquamperfekt)



In the Museum & In the Pharmacy 🖼️💊

  • Important vocabulary about art
  • Describing a picture/painting
  • Learn more about the Genitive case
  • How to use the double conjunctions “zwar… aber” and “weder… noch”



In the Kitchen & In the Living Room 👩‍🍳🛋️

  • Talking about babies
  • How to use the subjunctive II in the past tense
  • Learn more about unreal comparative clauses with “als ob”
  • Learn how to form relative clauses with prepositions



On the Christmas Market & At Home🎄🤶 🏦

  • Learn important words about Christmas
  • How to use the relative clauses with “was” and “wo”
  • Get to know verbs with infinitive without “zu” and how to use them
  • Learn more about the verb “lassen”

+ Final B1 exam 🏁


Click to view the German Course B2 curriculum


In the Motorhome 🚙

  • Important facts about Germany
  • Learn more about the local adverbs (“hin” and “her”)
  • How to use the simple past in German



At Madame Tussauds in Berlin 👨‍🦳

  • How to talk about being famous and about famous people
  • Learn more about the Genitive case and the pronouns in the Genitive case



Political Institutions in Berlin 🏛️

  • Important expressions about politics
  • How to intensify and limit general adjectives, comparatives and superlatives Learning more about the passive voice



In the Spree Forest 🥒

  • Practise reading about more complex topics in German (Spree Forest history and national minorities in Germany)
  • Learn some German expressions (e.g. “rumgurken”)
  • How to use nouns, verbs and adjectives with fixed prepositions



Eating German asparagus 🍽️

  • Fun facts about the love for asparagus in Germany
  • Important expressions with the word “goat” in German
  • More about the relative clauses in German

+ 1st milestone exam 🏁



At the Castle & In the City of Schwerin 🏰

  • Learn more about the city of Schwerin and its beautiful castle
  • How to express temporal information by using adverbs or temporal clauses



At the beach on the Baltic Sea 🏄

  • Important vocabulary about the beach
  • How to talk about risk and water sports
  • Learn more about negation in German



In Hamburg 🐟

  • Learn more about the city of Hamburg and its famous sights
  • How to use German suffixes and how they help you determine the right article



At the Crazy House in Bispingen 🏠

  • Important phrases and sayings about houses
  • Learn all about the consecutive connectors (e.g. “infolgedessen”, “folglich”)



In Dresden 🏙️

  • Learn more about the city of Dresden
  • Important vocabulary and phrases about teeth
  • How to use causal connectors (e.g. “wegen”, “aufgrund”)

+ Final B2 exam 🏁


Let’s face it – grammar can be an intimidating obstacle

German grammar can be a real obstacle when it comes to speaking the language fluently and making a good impression on native speakers.

But what if you could overcome that obstacle and achieve fluency?

What if you could speak German almost as well as a native speaker?

You may have a variety of job and education opportunities available to you.

Some example:

  • Finding employment in a German-speaking company or organization in your field of expertise
  • Studying at a German university
  • Being a translator or interpreter
  • Starting your own business or freelancing in Germany
  • Finding a job in customer service, retail, nursing service or hospitality

It’s worth noting that Germany has a relatively low unemployment rate, so finding a job may be relatively easy, especially if you have a specific skill set or profession.

However, it is also important to note that the German job market is very competitive and you must have a very good knowledge of German. This is often the deciding factor in whether or not you get the job you want.

With this system, you WILL speak German!

How do we know?

Because we’ve had thousands of students learn German with us in the past few years.

Here is what Jen says, for example:

Take a moment to hear firsthand how well she’s already speaking German and how much she’s enjoying the course. It’s truly inspiring!


“My cousin, who studied in the German college of Mexico City, said that the German course A1 is so comprehensive that I have learned in four months what he learned in his first five years of school.”

~ Jorge D.


“The structure of the lessons, the chunks, and the flashcards helped me to remember a lot of things and regain confidence in using German. I found that the lessons were easy to understand, and I enjoyed the experience overall. Thank you for your help.”

~ Stella E.


“The dialogues are incredible! The story is interesting and engaging. The characters are very well done. The technology and materials are easy to understand. I cannot say enough good things :)”

~ Max H.

How does the program work?

Stop wasting hours wondering what you should do next to improve your German.

Instead learn with real-life conversations…

Here is the concept:

✅ You follow a step-by-step online study program with multiple weekly lessons (all tied together as an entertaining story).

✅ At the same time, you also learn all the foundations of German grammar that you need to start holding native-sounding conversations.

✅ After 10 weeks you will be able to use your new German skills in conversations with native speakers.

Do you want to master an entire proficiency level A1, A2, B1 or B2? 

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