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How to load mp3/pdf files onto mobile devices

If the mp3 and pdf files are zipped to zip files, with option 1 and option 2 you need to download the zip files to your computer and unzip them before you can put them onto your devices. With option 3 you can load the zip files directly to your mobile phone or tablet.


Option 1: Dropbox (recommended)

Dropbox works for all devices – it is simple and free.

Download one of my zip files onto your computer and unzip it or open it like a normal folder and copy the folders inside out of the zip file.

Then go to the website:


download the program and install it on your computer. After the download and installation there will be a Dropbox folder on your computer (a normal folder) and everything that you copy into this folder (files or folders) will be copied to all your other devices where you also have Dropbox installed.

Now install the Dropbox App onto your mobile phone. Everything that is in the Dropbox folder on your computer will be copied into your Dropbox App on your mobile phone automatically.

The Dropbox on your mobile phone or tablet has already a pdf reader and an mp3 player installed. So just go to your Dropbox app, wait until the folders and files are downloaded and then open them.


Option 2: iTunes 

With iTunes (only if you use an iPhone/iPad)

iTunes is not the best option because it is a little complicated but if you want to try it anyway, please follow these steps:

For the MP3 files:
You can use iTunes to copy the mp3 files onto your iPhone/iPad.

Please note that you need to unzip the zip files first or copy the folders (which are inside of the zip file) to another place!

Open iTunes, click „File“ (Datei) in the main menu and select „Add Folder to Library…“ (Ordner zur Mediathek hinzufügen …), select the unzipped folder on your computer. It doesn’t work if you just open the zip file and select the folders inside!

Click the image to enlarge it:

After that click „Done“ (Fertig), connect your iPhone/iPad and synchronize it with iTunes.
Then open the „Music app“ on your iPhone/iPad, the files should be there.

As to the PDF files:
Open iTunes and connect your iPhone/iPad.
Click on „books“ (see picture) not the link „books“ farther below which shows you what is on your iPhone/iPad.

Click the image to enlarge it:

Go to „File“ in the main menu and select „Add File to Library…“ (Datei zur Mediathek hinzufügen …)

Click the image to enlarge it:

Select the pdf file on your computer that you want to have on your iPhone/iPad.
Make sure you check the box so that it will be synchronized.
Then click „Done“ (Fertig) and synchronize your iPhone/iPad with iTunes.
The pdf should be in your „iBooks App“.


Option 3: iZip App 

The iZip App works for all devices – it is simple and free.

There is a third way if you want to put the zip files directly on your mobile phone or tablet.
There is a free app (also available for Android) called „izip„.

iZip for iOS devices (Apple)

iZip for Android Devices

If you have this app installed, you can download zip files directly to your mobile phone and use them. The app is cool because it shows you the mp3 and pdf files of each folder in the left sidebar. Now you can click on an mp3 file and a player will appear and you can start to play the mp3 file. Then you can click on the corresponding pdf file and a pdf reader will open. Now you can listen and read my files at the same time. Really cool, right?

Here are the instructions step by step.

Install the app on your mobile phone (the one that I mean is: „iZip – Zip Unzip Unrar Tool“ by ComcSoft (there is a free version).

Make sure you opened the app and it is running in the background on your mobile phone.

Now click a link to download a zip file.

After clicking the link it will probably take a little time until something happens.

After some time a little window will open and will ask you „open in…“ (on the left) and probably „open in iZip“ on the right). Use: „open in iZip

If „iZip“ isn’t suggested on the right, then you have to click „open in…“ and select „iZip“ afterwards.

It can take time again, but eventually the program „iZip“ will open and will ask you „Would you like to extract all files?“. Click the „OK“ button.

The download process is already starting in the background, unfortunately there is no sign that tells you that. And it depends how fast your Internet connection is! Just be patient, even if it takes a few minutes!

Now you have all files which were in the zip folder in the left sidebar and you can click an mp3 file and listen to it. Then click the corresponding pdf file and you can read at the same time while the player is still playing. Isn’t that cool?

However, I would recommend printing out the pdf files. In the beginning it is easier to handle the text with a print out. After a while, when you have done a few repetitions you can read and listen just with your mobile phone easily.

I hope that helps 🙂


Keep it up – you can do it!

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