Learn German Easily

Learn German Easily

Top 100 Language Lovers (Contest)

The Top 100 Language Lovers, hosted by bab.la and Lexiophiles, is probably the largest competition for language enthusiasts! It is aimed at finding the best blogs, Facebook pages and Twitterers with a passion for languages. The competition has gathered 1,000 nominations and collected more than 30,000 votes.

Thanks to many votes of my fans, followers, subscribers and customers my:

Twitter account (German should be fun) is the #1 Top Language Twitter Account 2016 and my Facebook Page (Learn-German-Easily) is the #2 Top Language Facebook Page 2016.

Thanks to everybody who supported me! I’m very happy!!!

#1 Top Language Twitter Account 2016:
German should be fun
Basic German Lesson
#2 Top Language Facebook Page 2016:
Basic German Lesson

Here are the results of the Top 25:

Thanks a lot to everybody who voted for me!!!

I hope you had (and continue to have) a lot of fun with my postings on Facebook and my tweets on Twitter.

However, please always remember:

Reading is good but listening and speaking is better!

My posts on Facebook and my tweets on Twitter are great to encounter new words and phrases. However, you should also realize that you won’t learn to speak German with them!

Listening, understanding and speaking have a strong bond. If you want to speak German fluently, all of these things are very important and essential. If you neglect one of them, you will never be able to speak German fluently – that is a fact:

1) You need to listen a lot to easy and clearly spoken German

2) You need to speak German yourself

The second point is the difficult part. If you just try to speak, you will make many mistakes, such as mispronounce words or use a wrong word order. If you don’t realize it, these mistakes will stick in your mind and it will be very difficult to get rid of them. So please try to avoid that!

With my lessons and stories you will listen to a lot of easy and clearly spoken German and you will speak it as well. The question and answer part is the secret. This special technique will enable you to speak German without making the above-mentioned mistakes. That’s why so many people start speaking German fluently after only a couple of months or weeks (the success varies with the number of repetitions). So, if you also want to speak German fluently, I recommend practicing with my three packages (Packages XL, Upgrade Package and Fairy Tales Package).

You will have a lot of fun – I promise! 😊

Keep it up – you can do it!
Lucas - Learn German Easily

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Always remember:
Learn German with fun!

Lesson 1, 2, 3

Similarities between German and English

Lektion 1:
German Articles: der, die, das

Lektion 2:
Indefinite Articles: ein, eine

Lektion 3:
German Alphabet ABC

Much more basic lessons here:
German Lessons for Beginners

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... 25, 30, 32

Lesson 25:
German Umlauts Ä Ö Ü

Lesson 30:
Counting in German to 999,999

Lesson 32:
Funny Vocabulary Lesson

Much more basic lessons here:
Basic Lessons

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Free German Course

More ...

My subscribers get access to many more lessons step by step. You can register here if you want: 
Free German Course

45 ways to greet someone in German
Good morning in German

Nice things you could say to your sweetheart
Romantic German Phrases

Current Local Time in Germany:
Time in Germany

Learning Tip:
Vocabulary Learning Tip

Language Lovers (I won)

Additional Lesson and Stories:
Online Store

Learning Other Languages:
Other Languages

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