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Created by Lucas Kern

Learn German Easily

Created by Lucas Kern

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What’s next?  

I am going to send you the first course email with two links:

  • to download the Audio Story
  • and to „Rule“ No 1 

The subject line of this email is:
[LDL] (1) Welcome – Rule No 1 and Download Audio Story

Rotate your mobile phone horizontal so that you can see better what the image looks like.

In the meantime check out my free basic online lessons. Here is the link 🙂

>>> Index Basic Online Lessons

Important Note: 

Practice with the basic online lessons only if you have enough time. It is much more important to read and understand the 7 Rules and practice with my TPRS lessons (like the Schneckenwitz story which I will send you soon). The 7 Rules are the back bone of my method and following them will increase your learning speed immensely.


I also want to encourage you to add my email address

I’m sure you will have questions every now and then so please add this email address to your contacts or address book. You can also send me an email in case you haven’t received the confirmation email. 


I am excited to share my knowledge with you. 🙂
Lucas Kern

Just in the unlikely case:

Course emails are sent out to many people automatically and that’s why in some cases they end up in the Bulk/Spam/Junk folder (or Google’s Promotion Tab). So if you don’t see that email from me within a couple of minutes check the spam folder just in case.

If you find my email in the spam folder you need to click „Not spam“ otherwise you won’t receive any further emails from me:

Step 1: Click „More“ (left sidebar) and then the spam folder
Step 2:  Look for my emails and check them.
Step 3: Click the „Not spam“ button

This will switch the email to your inbox and allow future messages to get through.