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Learn German Easily

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Learn German Easily

Created by Lucas Kern

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What’s next?  

I am going to send you the first course email with three links:

  • to download the Audio Story
  • to „Rule“ No 1 and
  • to my Basic Online Lessons 

The subject line of this email is:  
[LDL] (1) Welcome – Download Story and Rule No 1

Did you know that Gmail has a „Promotions“ tab?   

Unfortunately, course emails that are sent out automatically land there too sometimes.

Please note that this tab is not a spam folder!

If you find one of my emails there please do the following:

  • Go to the “Promotions” tab.  
  • Click my email with the left mouse button and drag it to the “Primary” tab.
  • Gmail will then ask if it should do this also with future emails sent from this address.
  • Click yes!

This way you won’t miss any of my tips or lessons! 🙂

If you cannot find my emails at all, please contact me and let me know, I’ll check what happened:

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[email protected]

I wish you a lot of fun 🙂

Lucas Kern