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Personal Pronouns – Part 1

This time we cover some personal pronouns ("ich", "du", "er" "sie" "es") and the corresponding endings of the verbs. And you learn how to formulate a question in German.

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German verbs (in the basic form) have mostly an "en" at the end.
Like: to eat, to drink, to come, to read… => is in German: essen, trinken, kommen, lesen… The endings change according to the personal pronouns:


Example: spielen


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=> ich, du, er, sie und es


  spiel -e   play
  Ich spiele.   I play. / I am playing.
  spiel -st   play
  Du spielst.   You play. / You are playing.
  spiel -t   plays
  Er spielt.   He plays. / He is playing.
  spiel -t   plays
  Sie spielt.   She plays. / She is playing.
  spiel -t   plays
  Es spielt.   It plays. / It is playing.




Question and Answer Part

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Listen and try to answer the questions


If you want to formulate a question, you change the word order and you raise your voice a little at the end of the question.

Frage (question): Spiele ich?
Antwort (answer): Ja, ich spiele.

Spielst du?
Ja, du spielst.

Spielt er?
Ja, er spielt.

Spielt sie?
Ja, sie spielt.

Und spielt es auch (too)?
Ja, es spielt auch.

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