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Basic Lesson 1


Click the play button (farther below) and listen!

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In German we have three main articles:

der (masculine),
die (feminine) and
das (neuter).

Tip: The grammatical gender does not follow a logical set of rules. So always learn German nouns and articles together.



Click the play button and listen


  der Mann   the man
  Der Mann liest.   The man is reading.
  die Frau   the woman
  Die Frau isst.   The woman is eating.
  der Junge   the boy
  Der Junge trinkt.   The boy is drinking.
  das Mädchen   the girl
  Das Mädchen schreibt.   The girl is writing.


How to learn with my lessons:

1. Read and listen a few times to the lessons (click the play button)
2. Repeat after the speaker
3. Make sure that you imitate the pronunciation of the speaker
4. After a few repetitions listen to the questions (farther below)
5. Answer the questions in the pauses (you may look also at the answers)
6. After a few times don't look at the answers anymore
7. Repeat each lesson (if you can) every day for one week or more

8. Sign up to my e-mail course and learn how to use the storytelling method (TPRS method) in order to learn to speak German fluently (form: top right-hand corner)


Question and Answer Part


Click the play button

Listen and try to answer the questions


Wer (who) liest – der Mann oder (or) die Frau?

Der Mann
Der Mann liest.

Wer isst – die Frau oder der Mann?
Die Frau
Die Frau isst.

Wer trinkt – das Mädchen oder der Junge?
Der Junge
Der Junge trinkt.

Und wer schreibt – die Frau oder das Mädchen?
Das Mädchen
Das Mädchen schreibt.


Now go to Basic German Lesson 2 or read on and learn about the method I use (TPRS).


If you want to learn German much faster and with fun, I recommend buying my TPRS audio stories and audio lessons (suitable for beginners with a little experience, intermediate students and advanced students who are not able to speak German fluently yet).

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How do I learn German easily?

The answer is easy => with a method called TPRS! Just do my lessons and let yourself be surprised.

I was asked to create basic lessons as well
(German grammar from the very start)

I have been creating German lessons for some time now and once in a while I was asked to create basic online lessons for beginners or students who don't have much experience. Now the time has come! I am going to create a whole set of German lessons for beginners on this site here (please have a look at the right sidebar farther above). 

Have you ever heard of TPRS?

TPRS is the method I use (also called storytelling method). TPRS is the short form for Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling and it is a great method to learn foreign languages. If you have been learning a second language for some time, then you already know that learning can be very boring and exhausting and grammar is always the most boring part. And I bet you have heard that German grammar can be a little tricky and that German is not the easiest language to learn. You may wonder, how can I learn to speak German with TPRS? 

Well, have you ever learned something very quickly in your life?

I bet you did. And I guess it was something you really enjoyed, right? Actually this is the answer to the question: How do I learn German fast? How is it possible to learn German easily and effortlessly? The answer is very simple: You have to have fun!

And that is why I use a method called TPRS to teach you German. But let me explain this method a little. As the name suggests, there is always a story involved. I'm going to tell you a little funny story (or just sentences in the beginning) in German/English (or partly translated into English) and afterwards I will ask questions about it. That sounds very trivial right? But think about it for just one minute. Maybe you already know that when you listen to something many times, you can remember it more easily. So if you get a funny or interesting story, you would probably have no problem to repeat it more than one time (repetition is very important). With every repetition you will deepen what you have learned. You will get to know many new words because you always get the English translation as well. But that is not all. You also need to know how to pronounce the German words. And therefore I always provide an audio recording with every lesson. You will hear a native speaker tell the story and ask the questions.

Now you are able to learn new words and the correct pronunciation. But that doesn't make you a fluent German speaker, right? That is why I use the "question and answer technique". I will ask questions about the story but in a very special way. If you have listened to the story, you learned all the necessary German words to answer the questions. Actually the questions are created in a way that you just need to change the word order of the question a little to answer it correctly. And the most important thing is that you are actively involved. By answering questions your brain is active and will absorb the information just like that. It is the most effective way to learn new things. If you just repeat sentences like in many language courses your brain is passive and will soon forget all new words.

But what shall I tell you more? I think the best way for you is to try it. After all, my German lessons on this website are free and if you sign up to my email course I will teach you the TPRS method in detail. There are 7 rules and if you follow these rules and use my storytelling method you will speak German fluently in less than one year.  


If you want to learn German much faster and with fun, I recommend buying my TPRS audio stories and audio lessons (suitable for beginners with a little experience, intermediate students and advanced students who are not able to speak German fluently yet).

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If you want to speak German fluently, there is no time to think about grammar rules. You need to feel what is right and what is wrong. Being able to think in German and being able to feel the correct grammar are the keys. These German stories and lessons will help you to get this feeling.


Lucas Kern

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